Native American Zodiac Sign Otter: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Otter: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American zodiac sign Otter describes the personality and skills of people born in the time scape from 20 January to 18 February. These people are regarded as very likeable fellows who are full of joy in living and who look into the future with optimism. An individual born in the sign otter has a good sense of humor and goes through life with a smile. Outwardly, an Otter never seems to get upset. Therefore, it is no wonder that people born in the Native American sign of otter are very popular with their fellow people because one has to like such a positive individual.

Native American astrology attaches the zodiac sign Otter to the element air. Therefore, this sign belongs to the butterfly clan; and this is noticeable in the agile personality of people born under this sign. Otters are always some kind of restless and feel the need to move all the time. However, people born in the zodiac sign Otter do not only show these characteristics towards their fellow people but a certain inner unrest dominates them permanently. An individual born in the Native American sign Otter will despite of his or her light-footedness give a lot of thought to everything and anything and take care of his or her fellow people. Otters are active people who do not like limitations and restrictions. They love change and will actively bring about change themselves.

Otters and their personality

People born in the zodiac sign Otter are known as visionary and progressive thinkers. They love to develop themselves or to notice how things change in the world. People born in the sign Otter will by no means, let anyone get the better of them and will always try to push through their opinion and their goals. It is very important for them to achieve these goals and no obstacle can keep them from pursuing them. People born in the Native American sign Otter will often be misjudged because they do not speak out their thoughts and ideas but keep them to themselves instead. Inwardly, the ideas for changing and revolutionizing the world bubble up from their alert mind, but their unconventional ideas will not always be accepted or understood within their environment. In such cases, Otters will be offended and feel hurt, but they will not show that openly; instead they will respond with a smile to the rejection even if in their heart they feel like crying.

Human beings born in the Native American zodiac sign Otter are no careless people but they know exactly what to do and to drop. Before Otters start getting active, they will always develop a certain strategy according to which they will act. Therefore, they will virtually always reach their goals for which they will do their utmost. Otters have a benevolent attitude towards other people and a particularly high social awareness. These are both honorable characteristics, but it will become necessary that Otters learn during their lives not to have others exploit them. The sooner these people realize that there must be a balance in giving and taking, and in certain situations, they cannot avoid to say no, the better this will be for their way of life in the future.

The professional life of the Otter

In Native American astrology, nature plays a very important role and therefore, the animals enjoy a special status as part of creation. The Otters themselves loves water, and this applies for people born in the sign of Otter, too. People born in the Native American zodiac sign Otter need a lot of room to move so that they can give free reign to their creativity. Individuals born in the sign Otter will not be happy in a profession in which they always have to do the same things every day. Otters are very inventive people with many original ideas, which occasionally are some kind of eccentric. In order to be able to do so, Otters need their independence. In their job, they like to form their environment according to their ideas. As long as they can work due to their own ideas, Otters will always perform very well and will use their unbelievable organizational skills for the benefit of the cause. However, one should not forget that they often start arguments with their superiors because they do not like regulations and rules.

The love life of the Otter

Certainly, Otters are not a bore and their partner should not a bore either. Loving a human being born in the sign Otter, no matter if man or woman, can be a lot of fun, because he or she always feels like jesting. However, these people will not be very enthusiastic about a relationship, because they are afraid to lose their freedom and to tie themselves down concerning their feelings. Therefore, in most cases it takes people born in the sign Otter very long to know what they want as far as relationship issues are concerned. Still, Otters are very popular with the opposite sex because they will do their best for their loved ones.

In a relationship with an Otter, it is very important to avoid routines. It is particularly important to develop common activities and to maintain these activities at a regular basis. One can always count on a partner born in the sign Otter, but it is important not to put pressure on these people, because otherwise they will very soon flee the site.

The right partner for the Otter

A person born in the zodiac sign Deer is the best partner for an Otter. A relationship between the Native American sign Deer has a very good prognosis from the astrological point of view and brings about the best preconditions for a long-lasting and happy love life. People born the signs bear or owl, regardless if man or woman, are appropriate partners for the sign Otter, because they harmonize well with these zodiac signs.

However, relationships between Otters and Beavers and Otters and Woodpeckers will not turn out to be harmonic, because their expectations to life do not match with each other. A relationship between Otter and Serpent will also not turn out fine, because these two Native American signs will not harmonize with each other either.