Tiger: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Tiger describes the personality of people born in the years 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger are considered being self-confident and courageous. When there is something to do, they will not think twice but will lend a helping hand. However, they also like to set the tone in their surroundings and find it hard to accept opposition. People born in the sign of Tiger, no matter if men or women, will hold on to their opinion and will stand up for it in a very self-confident way.

People born in the zodiac sign Tiger are very charismatic and have extraordinary leading skills, which they prove in all areas of life and situations and for which they will everywhere enjoy a high reputation. Individuals born in the Chinese sign of Tiger love the challenge and therefore to task is too difficult for them. Even in the greatest chaos, tigers will keep the necessary perspective and will properly tie up all loose ends. If Tigers get approval and honor for their actions, this will encourage them for even more ambition and performance. People born in the Tiger Chinese zodiac sign are very eloquent and, due to their natural authority, they are able to prevail. Tigers are quite dominant personalities but at the same time, they are also very idealistic which means that they can be impetuous and tolerant at the same time.

Tigers and the characteristics

People born in the sign of Tiger are considered to be bold humans who always have to be on the move and who have no interest in boredom at all. Tigers are very passionate, no matter if man or woman, and if it is necessary, they will act quite rebelliously. However, while doing so, they are very honest and open-minded and depending on the situation, they show a great deal of emotions. Therefore, people born in the sign of Tiger may look quite harmless, but one should not become deceived by this impression. Individuals born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger will not avoid any risk they are facing but will stand up to any challenge courageously and full of spirit for adventure. Their fellow people will generally admire them a lot for this behavior. In most situations, Tigers will trust their instinct and their gut feelings and therefore, they are acting very spontaneously, but also very determined. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger love their freedom, but they behave very warm-hearted and loving towards their fellow people.

Besides their attractive side, the likeable Tiger also has, of course, some weaknesses, which must be mentioned in this connection. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger tend to act carelessly and to be very selfish once they have set their mind on something. Their open-minded and direct way will not go down well with other people, because they will not notice when they have overdrawn the bow. Tigers will very quickly and impulsively revolt, when something goes against the grain with them and they will then keep their environment very busy. People born in the sign of Tiger will not do themselves a favor when they pursue a goal too fanatically, because they might easily forget the joy in living. Through their high willingness for taking risks, they will also involve their fellow people in dangerous situations even if they will mostly be able to work themselves out of the danger zone.

The Tiger in connection with profession and finances

In the course of the character description of people born in the zodiac sign Tiger, their willingness for taking risks was mentioned several times before. Unfortunately, they are taking risks also in the financial area. Tigers will very often take up high financial risks if they expect getting rich soon. Caution is a foreign word for them as far as finances are concerned, because they want to go the whole hog. Here, they will benefit from their bold mentality, because even if they lose everything they have, they will get up again and will start anew. Tigers will always bounce back. For people born in the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger, financial security does not mean everything and so they will be happy and content with less money. It is much more important for Tigers to be able to develop freely in their lives.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger do not value rules and obligations too highly and therefore they will not be happy with office work. Also in their professional life, Tigers need continuous change and have to be always on the move. Tigers must be able to let off steam and to implement their ideas on the job. If this is allowed for they will put their best foot forwards and will be able to perform excellently.

Tigers and their love life

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger, no matter if man or woman, are romantic and passionate lovers. They enjoy love and openly show their feelings and emotions. Tigers are able to fall in love very quickly, but as fast as the flames of love blaze, they can also very quickly extinguish, because they tend to lose interest when their love life does not offer enough suspense, change and passion. Therefore, it is not easy to get hold of people born in the sign of Tiger for a long time and to have a long-lasting and serious relationship with them, because their partners have to enthrall them with ever new ideas and will not let them get to rest even for one second.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger love to flirt and will often get straight to the point very quickly. However, once Tigers have found their right partner to spend their life with they will be prepared to do anything for him or her. Then they will pamper their partner and care for him or her and the Tiger will become a purring kitten. Since people born in the sign of Tiger are very jealous they will not tolerate any opponent in their proximity and will urge their partners to marry them if they think that a rival could become a danger to them.

The best partner for the Tiger

The most suited partners for people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger are Horse and Dog. Especially the people born in the sign of Horse have in common with Tigers that they both love adventures and change, and so their relationship will never be boring. Tigers and Horse can let off steam together and conquer the world side by side. People born in the sign of Dog are also very good partners for the Tiger, because they allow the wild cats to get to their limits and will afterwards enjoy many passionate and sensual moments with their partner.

People born in the Chinese zodiac sign of Monkey will not be very well suited for individuals born in the sign of Tiger. These two signs would see themselves as competitors and would always be at loggerheads with each other, which would in the long run destroy a relationship. Therefore, it is not very likely that Tigers and Monkey will be able to live together in Harmony.