Leo Ascendant / Leo Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Leo Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A person with the ascendant Leo has its Leo Ascendant Appearance as well, for example a very distinctive self-confidence. He believes that no one can resist him and that no one can keep up with him. The ascendant Leo needs the recognition and admiration of other people, because otherwise he feels offended in his pride and can then become quite unpleasant. In a partnership, you must never, or should never, deny a Leo the power, because that would also be the end of the relationship. But if everything goes according to an ascendant Leo's ideas, then he can well be a loving and caring family man.

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A braggart with a big heart

Hardly any other ascendant – whether Leo Ascendant Man or Leo Ascendant Woman – provides such a pronounced self-confidence as the ascendant Leo. No matter which sign of the zodiac possesses this ascendant, it will carry a natural pride and will think with conviction that one is superior to all others. Who carries the ascendant Leo in himself, often appears quite dominant and this can go so far that one even tries to suppress other people. But an ascendant Leo also makes sure that you approach your tasks with a lot of joie de vivre and dedicate yourself to the pleasures of life. The ascendant Leo loves luxury and all the beautiful things life has to offer. It is not uncommon to notice that the ascendant Leo shows a certain pomposity and quickly loses his reputation as a braggart. But it is the case that you have to take a closer look at an ascendant Leo. Then it is also noticeable that he has a very big heart and only wants the best for his loved ones and his friends. The ascendant Leo loves to be central and wants to be admired. When they get this attention and admiration, the ascendant Leo feels really comfortable.

Don't argue with them too much

As the Leo Ascendant Appearance shows, the ascendant Leo is always firmly convinced of himself and his qualities. It is therefore not surprising that the ascendant Leo also proves to be quite demanding in the choice of his or her partner. If you want to take your place at his side, you have to have something to offer and must meet his expectations. The ascendant Leo wants to be sure of admiration for his partner, but he shouldn't lose his rank. For the ascendant Leo, the clear motto here is that there can only be one strong person, and that's him. This also applies within one's own four walls, where the Leo Ascendant Man or Leo Ascendant Woman tolerates little opposition to partners or other family members. If someone tries to wrest the command from the ascendant Leo, then he will extend his claws powerfully. In such cases, however, a solution must be found quickly in the relationship, because otherwise it is not of long duration and breaks at these power games. But if everything runs according to the ideas of the ascendant Leo, he will prove to be a caring and tender partner, who will fulfill almost every wish.