Leo Sun Leo Rising | Leo Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

Leo individuals with Leo rising are overly generous and love to openly flaunt this generosity. Their primary concern however is put on distinguishing themselves but this action can also be traced back to their will to express their high spirits and enjoy in the meantime. Leo people with Leo ascendant live driven by an impulse for personal recognition that does not go down particularly well with everybody else which is why they are making both friends and enemies by their habit of being openly generous. Eventually drama enters the stage in Leo sun with Leo risings lives but their real ambition is to regain the attention so essential for their ego. But learn more about their characteristics now.

An extremely generous character

Those who are born in the Leo sun with Leo ascendant think generously most of the time. Caution, temperance or aloofness are attributes which are completely alien to them. The only thing that matters for double Leos is a happy and independent life. So, regardless of their gender, Leo people with Leo ascendant express their zest for life through their generosity. They simply love to make a present to everybody when they are in their elements. It may happen, however, that Leo the Lion with Leo ascendant's generosity will be rejected by others who take this generosity as a hidden craving for recognition. In addition, double Leos amazing self-consciousness does not go well with all people in their environment. It is, though, sometimes really hard for their environment to cope with this special constellation of zodiacs and this can be the result of simply too much “Lion” in Leo man or woman with Leo ascendant.

The cream of life

When the Leo zodiac is combined with the Leo rising typical attributes of this zodiac characteristics surface in an intensified manner. Occasionally, there will be individuals of this sign who know how to adopt a low profile but in general men and women who are born as Leos with Leo ascendant cherish life, while displaying great self-confidence and a radiant being. It is this unswerving self-consciousness as well as their greatness and this special flair for drama which is used impressively that leave a lasting impression on their environment. As a result, this sign may tend to behave openly naive, blinded by all that glamor and sweet talk. Through the impact of the Leo rising the authority of the Leo sun will be furthermore highlighted thus ensuring their self-assertiveness. Sometimes, however, this amazing self-confidence serves to pretend and a closer look will reveal a person so much less glamorous than expected. Something that characterizes people born as Leo sun with Leo ascendant is the drive for a free and independent life, a generous attitude which they express fabulously. They burst of so much joy of life and need taking center stage wherever they are. Their special self-confidence is sometimes even hard to live with, especially when expressed predominantly, which happens instantly as soon as this zodiac discovered how much fun the authoritarian behavior can be.