Rooster: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Rooster: Characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac sign Rooster describes the personality of people born in the years 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005. These people are considered to be good observers, and sometimes the impression could arise that they have a “sixth sense”. People born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rooster are very open-minded and honest and they do not like hypocrisy. Rooster people do not have anything to hide and they are always sincere. If criticism is necessary, Roosters will not shy away from telling the truth even if this is painful sometimes.

Roosters are excellent observers and one could even get the impression that they have something like a „sixth sense“. People born in the sign of Rooster are very sincere and they always say what they think. Rooster people feel very comfortable in the center of attention and their fellow people highly estimate their humor, their keen mind and their intellect. Roosters like to play roles where they can show themselves in their whole splendor and they are very charming hosts. In their professional life, people born in the sign of Rooster are very diligent, ambitious and honest and they have great organizational skills, but apart from that fact, they are always prepared to help and will keep a stiff upper lip in all situations of life.

Roosters and the characteristics

People born in the Rooster Chinese zodiac sign are very honest and they always want to be praised, because they are very proud as well. Generally, it is not difficult to praise them, because they are very productive, courageous, diligent and ambitious which, in connection with their farsightedness, their intelligence and their extraordinary organizational skills, will guarantee their success. They also have great interest in new things. People born in the sign of Rooster are always very helpful and generous towards their fellow people if needed. With their natural humor, they are able to cheer up their fellow people and to distract them when they feel depressed and sad. Roosters will be able to inspire other people very easily with their urbane and perceptive way. People born in the sign of Rooster are full of energy but take good care of their health and their body.

However, Roosters also have another side, which shows when they behave very overstretched and hurt others with their loose tongue. Their craving for recognition and their need to put themselves into the center of attention could become very exhausting for their fellow people. Individuals born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rooster tend to be prejudiced and could become very intolerant when it is about accepting other opinions and attitudes. Rooster people are very autocratic and therefore, they will respond in an arrogant and sarcastic way to even well-intended advice.

Roosters in relation to profession and finances

People born in the zodiac sign of Rooster are perfectionists even in their job and will therefore take care of each little detail. They work very accurately and precisely and they will get even the greatest chaos into the right order with their organizational skills and their strategic thinking. Consequently, they will overcome even the greatest challenges and will be very successful by doing so, and this is also owed to their excellent, even ingenious numerical intelligence. People born in the sign of Rooster are very collegial, helpful and great team players for their colleagues. Furthermore, they will not find it difficult to observe regulations and to fulfil the tasks assigned to them.

Individuals born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rooster will normally not have any problems in the financial area. Rooster people are able to manage their money and as masters of numbers, they will take care that this will have positive effects on their own bank account. In spite of all vanity, Roosters are very thrifty and prudent people who always pay attention to have enough money to spare and to create a financial cushion for bad times. They will, of course also allow themselves to spend money for extraordinary things but only if that does not exceed their financial budget.

The love life of the Rooster

Roosters love to flirt and will behave very relaxed and confident towards the other sex. Their willingness to flirt will, however, only last until they have found the partner they want to share their life with, because once they found a steady partner, they will be very faithful. People born in the sign of Rooster want to spend a life full of stability and harmony with their partners. Sex is not that important for Rooster people, because stability and faithfulness are much more important to them. They expect from their partner to be educated and to help them even in difficult situations. Individuals born in the sign of Rooster are tender and devoted lovers who give, but also need a great deal of love and affection. If they are happy with their partner, Rooster people are the most faithful companions one can ever imagine.

The best partner for the Rooster

For people born in the Chinese zodiac sign Rooster, a relationship with someone born in the sign of Ox will turn out well. Both are very self-confident people who have both feet on the ground. Roosters as well as Oxes highly value a monogamous relationship and therefore they do not fancy adventures in this field of life. Both have great understanding for each other and so trust is able to grow steadily between these two signs. Individuals born in the sign of Snake will also harmonize well with Rooster people. It is possible that they will have different opinions but through their good sense of humor, they will be able to get over little differences very quickly.

However, a relationship between the signs Rooster and Rabbit would not turn out well, because this combination will, in most cases, be very fragile and unstable. The personalities of Roosters and Rabbits are too different and logically, this will bring about many problems in a relationship, which, even with good will, they cannot solve anymore when they have reached a certain stage.