Virgo Ascendant / Virgo Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Virgo Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A Virgo Ascendant Appearance is that, a person with the ascendant Virgo is very rational and looks at things in life very soberly. Before the ascendant Virgo decides, everything is first analyzed and checked in detail. Also, in the relationship and partnership, a Virgo Ascendant Man or Virgo Ascendant Woman does not behave much differently. Always waiting and never taking the initiative oneself, he is waiting for what to come. For this reason, a person with the ascendant Virgo, whether man or woman, always looks a little chilling. But behind this mask, passion can also hide itself, which, however, only few get to feel.

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Shouting as an eternal nagger

A person with the ascendant Virgo, no matter what sign of the zodiac he has, due to the characteristics of the Virgo, has the predisposition to view everything very rationally and soberly. Before a decision is made and implemented, everything must first be analyzed in detail. At the same time, it is calculated very carefully to ensure that much is created for one's own benefit. By the seat of his pants, hardly any decisions are made by a person with the ascendant Virgo and nothing is left to chance. For the fellow human beings, the ascendant Virgo thus always gives the impression that they do not appear spontaneous in any way, but always really petty. A person with the ascendant Virgo also shows a clearly critical aversion to innovations and here too everything has to be analyzed in detail before one can get used to it. In many situations in life, the good powers of observation and the quick comprehension that a person has with the ascendant Virgo are helpful. Paired with the good general knowledge the decisions are made in such a way and also not saved with criticism at the environment and the fellow men, which does not arrive naturally always very well and brings to these humans also gladly times the call of the eternal nagger.

Feelings are simply suppressed

The influence of the ascendant Virgo is also noticeable in love, for here too this sober and objective thinking prevails. A person with the ascendant Virgo, whether man or woman, will rarely fall head over heels in love. Rather, everything is carefully examined first and rationally analyzed by ignoring the feelings. After all, they want to make sure that the potential partner really does meet their own requirements. A person, no matter what sign of the zodiac he has, who is under the influence of the ascendant Virgo, will most probably never take the initiative himself in love matters. The ascendant Virgo is not exactly considered a passionate lover when it comes to love, but appearances are often deceptive. Under the cool mask, a lot of hot-bloodedness can wait and many partners have already been pleasantly surprised by it. However, the prerequisite for this is that the ascendant is absolutely certain of his or her choice of partner. In a relationship, however, the objectivity of the ascendant Virgo can also be a very great advantage. When a dispute arises, nothing slips away so quickly and the dispute is usually conducted as an orderly discussion and a compromise is found that satisfies both parties.