Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising | Virgo Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Virgos with Aquarius ascendant can be best described in general as proactive and level-headed persons. Furthermore, the Virgo sun with Aquarius ascendant is always open to changes but true to their principles. People who are born as Virgo sun with Aquarius rising strongly need social interaction. When it comes to love-matters they are quite reserved and cautious, which can be traced back to the fear of the Virgo sun with Aquarius ascendant of being hurt. Once they can feel sure about a relationship, however, they can be very open towards others. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Quite cautious in matters of love

Virgos are generally rather prudent and forward-looking personalities. Due to the influence of the airy Aquarius man or woman, both men and women of this astrological constellation are more relaxed which is why Virgos with Aquarius ascendant are always willing to embrace changes, more than the Virgo sun usually is. Virgos with Aquarius rising are always true to their principles and do the splits effortlessly between action and deadlock. Thanks to their inner flexibility they easily master all challenges. Interesting bindings are what the Virgo sun with Aquarius ascendant is looking for in their private life in order to exchange ideas and opinions. But especially in love-matters Virgos with Aquarius ascendant manage to hide their open-mindedness for very long, because they fear being hurt and thus act with utmost caution on this field. As soon as these people feel that they met their soul mate, they suddenly will present themselves as new, open and experimental characters.

Loosening the Virgo up

In the constellation of the Virgo sun with Aquarius ascendant, the Virgo sun which is connected to the earth element is surprisingly well combined with the air sign Aquarius. Thus, Virgo's typical character traits, such as their unemotional way of looking at things or their special capacity for analysis match perfectly with Aquarius' pronounced intuition and their ingenuity. People who are born in this combination are known to be witty, open-minded, reflective and engaged characters. Virgo, who is quite down-to-earth is loosened up through the influence of the air sign Aquarius, as well as the capacity to analyze things will become more creative or intuitive through the Aquarius character. So, in a nutshell, the Aquarius rising relaxes the Virgo sun and reversely Aquarius will be bound down-to-earth and have more critical opinions from the Virgo sign, thus, bringing great benefits for both sides. The Virgo sun with Aquarius ascendant needs social interaction strongly because they abhor periods of boredom. They are really more cautious than outgoing in love but nevertheless progress slowly even in this area of life.