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Ascendant: Meaning in Astrology and Zodiac Signs

Beside the zodiac sign, the ascendant, which is the rising sign within a birth chart, is of key importance in a person's horoscope. It is impossible to create and interpret a horoscope correctly without knowing or considering the ascendant, and that makes it essential to understand the significance of the ascendant as a determining factor for a person's sense of self but also for the way in which they are being perceived by their environment. In addition to the zodiac or sun sign, the ascendant is the most characteristic trait in every birth chart, as it can be seen as a mirror image of a person's character and of their defense mechanisms. Hence, the ascendant is a useful assistant in terms of self-awareness but it also reveals a lot about someone's personality to the trained eye.

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The significance of the ascendant

The ascendant meaning is considered to be the most individual attribute within a birth horoscope, as it determines a person's identity and their sense of self like no other astrological component. Together with the Medium Coeli (also MC or Midheaven), the astrology ascendant is the most sensitive element of an astrological chart, because even a time difference of just four minutes can shift the axes by one degree, which again can change the results of a horoscope quite a bit. Individual and specified conclusions about a zodiac sign can only be drawn by including the ascendant and the MC into the calculations. Then again, the ascendant and the sun sign are interconnected in a way that requires the coherent analysis of both signs to shed light on the character traits and qualities of a person. The ascendent itself refers to the natural or inherited potential of every individual.

Ascending sign on the Eastern horizon

In the astrology, the ascendant is one of the most important factors for the thorough interpretation of a horoscope. The name ascendant, which is derived from the Latin word “ascendere”, meaning “to rise”, describes the sign ascending on the Eastern horizon with reference to a specific place of birth at the exact time of birth of a person. As it takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate completely on its axis, each one of the twelve zodiac signs ascend once within 24 hours. Consequently, every two hours on average a new sign ascends on the Eastern horizon, which means that the horoscope changes its ascendant every two hours. Due to these rather fast motions of celestial bodies, it is very unlikely that two people who are born the same day in the same place have the same horoscope. They might have the same zodiac sign, but chances are that the ascendent, which is responsible for their character and their behavior patterns, is different. Having said that, it is essential for the creation of a reliable and precise horoscope as can be found on that page to know the exact data of a person's time and place of birth.

The ascendant meaning as a mask of the individual

The astrology ascendent reflects on the one hand how a person interacts with his environment, so it could be seen as the mask of an individual, respectively of his personality. On the other hand, the ascendant explains the twelve zodiac signs and how a person is seen as well as perceived by others and, if interpreted correctly, reveals a lot about the natural energetic quality of an individual. Sometimes people are unaware of the impression they leave on their environment because their true self may be hidden under a number of layers that are controlled by their defense mechanisms, and so they never know if it's safe for them to show who they really are. For that reason, the ascendant meaning is quite enlightening, if not essential, for the understanding of one's own true identity. Moreover, the ascendent describes the cosmic conditions at the beginning of a person's life, which can also be decisive for their personal evolution. Considering all this, it is legitimate to say that for a decent interpretation of a horoscope the ascendant is the most important element besides the zodiac sign.