Free Numerology calculator

Free Numerology calculator

Numerology, the symbolism of numbers, is a topic that is closely related to astrology. Just as the daily, the weekly, the monthly horoscope and all the other horoscope formats are designed to help people manage their lives with more ease, numerology has the same purpose and can therefore be seen as an equally useful supporting tool. Knowing one's personal numbers and the cross total composed by the digits that stand for the name, the date of birth and the time of birth of an individual can in fact help to make a decision, as the interpretation of these numbers indicates which way to go. Numerology is not a new invention. Our occidental understanding of numerology actually goes back to a divination system that was developed in the late 16th century and was based on the biblical symbolism of numbers.

The Meaning of the Numbers 1 - 9

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Religious and cultural meaning of numbers

Few people know that numbers have always had a religious and a cultural meaning. Accordingly, numerology as we know it is based on the notion that there is a correlation between all the numbers that refer to an individual and that these numbers reflect his or her true nature. Numerology uses digits and letters and a combination of a person's name and date of birth. After thorough analysis and calculation, these numbers give an insight on the individual talents and qualities and the character of a human being. Astrology intends the same, only from a different angle, and so it's not a wonder that in the eyes of many astrologers numerology is a welcomed complementary tool for a more profound interpretation of the horoscope.

Each letter has a numerical value

Numerology is based on the idea that every letter has a specific numerical value and therefore a specific vibration, which not only has an impact on the character of the individual himself but also on his environment, his relationships with other people and on his entire life. Hence, numerology interprets the sum total and the cross total of the numbers that distinguish a human being unmistakably. So it comes as no surprise that numerology is gaining more and more importance in the field of astrology as well, as modern astrologers seek a more complex approach to analyzing a person's character than the one that is based on horoscope data such as zodiac signs, rising signs, stars, planets, etc.

The symbolism of numbers

Numerology or the symbolism of numbers describes the attachment of a certain meaning to specific numbers and numerical combinations. In doing so, these numbers are given a symbolic capacity. Some religious and philosophical traditions see a direct correlation between numbers and the meaning that is attached to them. When talking about numerology in the context of Western astrology, especially the Babylonian symbolism of numbers is of great importance for the horoscope, as according to that ancient system, specific numbers correspond to certain star constellations and their influence on the events on earth. In the Babylonian numerology, the most important numbers are as follows:

• One is the symbol for unity.
• Two refers to the moon and the sun and, accordingly, to winter and summer.
• Four stands for the four corners of the world, the four world directions, the four seasons, the four winds and the four phases of the moon.
• Seven is the number of the stars.

Even today we have numbers with a somewhat mystical aura. For example, if we think of the superstitious belief that revolves around the number 13, it is still common practice in the USA today to avoid a 13th floor in a building. Hence, they use 12A instead or the numbering jumps right on to 14. The same can be observed in airplanes and cruisers, where you won't find a seat row or a deck with the number 13.

Decisions with the help of numerology

When it comes to making a big decision, more and more people resort to numerology to guide them in the right direction. They believe that the vibrations created and emitted by these numbers have a direct impact on their subconscious mind and thus, on every move they make and every thought they think, which is another way of saying that their personal numbers control and determine his their actions and thereby their entire life. In numerology, every number has its own personality, which means that every number is unique due to its specific qualities and characteristics. In this context it might be worth mentioning that similar to the properties of the different zodiac signs, every number possesses both positive and negative attributes. In fact, very sensitive human beings can physically feel the energy and the individual vibe of their personal numbers.