The Number 9 in Numerology: The Meaning of Nine

The Number 9 in Numerology: The Meaning of Nine

In the symbolism of numerology, the destiny number is the number that reflects the relation of a human being to his or her environment. The destiny number describes how life might develop for an individual in the areas of love, friendship and profession. Since the destiny number remains the same for one’s whole life, it is possible to derive from that number which destiny awaits him or her and which problems might have to be solved in order to achieve one’s life goal. It can not only be derived from the destiny number which challenges might await a person, but one can also see which people fit the best for him or her, which is of particular importance in a love relation.

The meaning of the number 9

In the science of numerology, the destiny number 9 resembles the omnipresence of the immortal soul and therefore, there is always an aura of mystery and mystique around this number. Whoever was born with this number, will be very successful in life. However, the road to success will not always be smooth but is the result of a lot of hard work. Consequently, the destiny number or life path number 9 also resembles privations and efforts, but they can overcome these problems quite successfully. It is very important for people with the life path number 9 to come to terms with themselves continually and to determine what they want to achieve and where the journey should go, in order to maintain their inner balance. A person having the destiny number 9 will earlier discover the real meaning of life than other people will and act accordingly. Whoever bears this number will mostly very soon recognize that life brings not only pleasure but also pain and that one has to accept both of that in order to get on.

Optimists with little self-assertion

People with the destiny number 9 show great sympathy for the worries and problems of their fellow people. Usually they have a very humanitarian attitude and they are ready to help whenever needed. They are very open-minded towards their fellow people, but mystery always surrounds them and they do not want to show their hand. They are very optimistic people and will always gain something positive from negative experiences. Unfortunately, they often do not know how to assert themselves as it would be necessary and will run the risk that other people take advantage of their kindness. In their love life, they show their feelings and their love and will always be prepared to keep sacrificing themselves for their loved ones.

The name number 9

Whoever has the name number 9 will be well-treated by fate, because people with this name number are usually honest, internally independent and have an enormous spiritual and creative potential. People with the name number 9 pay particular attention to their further spiritual development and will learn best from the encounter and the interaction with fellow people whose spiritual attitudes and skills they admire. They also have a remarkable natural talent to remember experiences from former lives and to use them here and now in order to overcome many a problem in their lives.