Taurus Ascendant / Taurus Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Taurus Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

The ascendant Taurus – whether Taurus Ascendant Man or Taurus Ascendant Woman – makes a rather prudent impression on people with all signs of the zodiac. Usually the ascendant Taurus stands with both feet on the ground of facts and does not like dreaming. In the life of people with this ascendant, everything should run in orderly paths and be characterized by a certain security. An ascendant Taurus shows only very limited openness for innovations and prefers to trust tried and tested things. An Aries Ascendant Man or Aries Ascendant Woman is very attractive to other people, but he is not a daring man when it comes to love and partnership.

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Having both feet planted on the ground

A Taurus Ascendant Appearance is following characteristic: They always have both feet planted on the ground of facts due to his influence. The ascendant Taurus is practically inclined and with much fantasy or dreams they have really not much at the hat. A person with the ascendant Taurus would like to live in safe and orderly conditions. It is important for these people that everything runs smoothly. The character of people influenced by the ascendant Taurus is strongly conservative. Innovations or things that cannot be foreseen cause these people discomfort, sometimes even fear. As they are mostly closed to innovations, there is a great danger that their lives will come to a certain standstill over time. The Taurus Ascendant Man and Taurus Ascendant Woman then need the support of other humans and have to get an impulse from this, because a human with the ascendant Taurus will only rarely take the initiative alone. But this does not mean that a person with the ascendant Taurus is lazy. On the contrary, diligence and perseverance are outstanding characteristics of such a person. This is a matter of course for him, because he knows that this is the only way he can create the material security which is so important to him and which is of the utmost importance.

Joy in life and love

Due to the influence of the ascendant Taurus, a certain degree of vitality and joy in love is noticeable in every sign of the zodiac. The ascendant Taurus – Taurus Ascendant Man or Taurus Ascendant Woman – has the effect that people with this ascendant have something sensual about them and are quite attractive to other people. Nevertheless, it cannot be said that this is why we are dealing with a real daring and a womanizer. You would definitely be at the wrong address with a person with the Taurus character. This is because one of the characteristics of a Taurus is its comfort. For them, flirting is more of a chore and they prefer to wait for others to take the initiative. A person with the ascendant Taurus wants less to conquer, but rather to be conquered. Another reason for his restraint in this area is his innate distrust. A person with the ascendant Taurus does not wear his heart on his sleeve and feelings are only revealed when you fully trust a person. The ascendant Taurus strives for a relationship and partnership that is full of trust and lasting. A short adventure is nothing for a person with the ascendant Taurus and he can gladly do without that.