Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising | Taurus Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

The Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant is usually a realistic and down-to earth character. But sometimes, Taurus people with Aquarius rising can be stubborn as well, which helps a lot in achieving their aims. These aims, though, are pursued with tenacity and patience. Society is of great importance to the persons who are born as Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant as these people love to show up at parties and festivities where they are usually welcome guests. Creating fun and cheerfulness and, thus beating boredom are part of their personality. This is, consequently, why these people are very popular among their environment. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Surprising themselves

People who are born as Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant unite two oppositional character traits, regardless of their gender. The influence of the Aquarius sign can be seen in their spontaneity and stubbornness whereas the Taurus sun brings in the perseverance and patience. Both contradictory traits make the Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant a constant surprise for their environment. Such surprising actions are for example that they succeed in creating an important issue in almost no time. There are, however, really settled and calm traits in the Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant, due to the influence of the Taurus sun, which is why they may marvel sometimes about their own zest for action. Regardless of all their hopping drives for action, the Taurus man or woman with Aquarius ascendant will always keep their feet firmly rooted to the ground.

Strategic thinking prevails

A special attractiveness radiates from the Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant and thus beguiles their environment. Other people are therefore easily fascinated by their charisma. They are amazingly talented in approaching others and quickly recognize their needs and wishes. Activity is key in their character and may sometimes appear to be part of an unstable interior life but, nevertheless, they succeed in rapidly becoming aware of what behavior is best in certain situations. Taureans with Aquarius ascendant love to be surrounded by large parties of people and cherish showing up at all sorts of feasts. They are therefore always welcome guests, as everybody already seems to know that even the most boring festivity can be easily turned into a real hit through the witty charm of the Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant. Being really good in business opportunities, the Taurus sun with Aquarius rising also knows how to convince others. Seemingly out of virtually nothing Taureans man or woman with Aquarius ascendant make lucrative business and enlarge them in their own interest. Although the Taurus sun with Aquarius ascendant really loves being on the road, they sometimes prefer retreating into solitude to recover new energy. Due to the influence of the Aquarius rising, these people are really visionary individuals who never forget being strategic in their thinking, and they will always act according to their principles when in doubt as they are firmly rooted in reality. Their fantasy, wealth of ideas and uniqueness, however, are not harmed by that realism. On the contrary, it seems to enhance their attractiveness and sympathetic manner even further that realism and enthusiasm are that balanced in this astrological combination.