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Taurus Love Compatibility: The Love Match & Compatible signs

People with the zodiac sign Taurus are very quiet and sociable contemporaries. They are reliable and loyal partners who, however, have little to do with romance and passion. A Taurus needs stability and security in its partnership and so it is normal that not every other sign of the zodiac can be a partner of a Taurus in order to have a lasting and happy relationship with it. For the Taurus, the safety of his partner and his personal safety are always in the foreground and he will defend this with all his might, however calm and prudent he may be.

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You are in love with a Taurus man or a Taurus woman? Here's how you can conquer them:

People with the zodiac sign Taurus usually have outstanding character traits and are extremely reliable and patient people. The sign of the zodiac Taurus is assigned to the element Earth and this is also expressed by the earth solidarity of these people. The family is at the top of the list of the most important things in life for a Taurus, but friends are also an important possession for him. He simply feels most at home in the "herd" and needs this belonging and above all society. If a person is alone with the zodiac sign Taurus, then life is only half as beautiful for him.

Which mentality does the zodiac sign Taurus in the partnership have?

In a partnership, a Taurus primarily seeks security and protection. If he is offered this, he can really subordinate himself to his partner and then put his own demands and his own needs to the back. The Taurus is a realist and does not expect impossible things from his partner. He is not a person who needs many adventures and safety for him and his partner and the family have the highest priority for him. But you cannot call a man with the sign of the zodiac Taurus a coward, because if he sees what he values threatened, then he will face this danger with all his strength and perseverance.

The Taurus is a savorer

People with the zodiac sign Taurus are true connoisseurs and are happy to indulge in all sorts of pleasures of life. He appreciates good food as much as beautiful clothes and expects his partner not to sell himself under value and to show himself at his best. However, he is a very calm and good-natured contemporary who is very reliable and loyal to his partner. The Taurus is not one who has many relationships and therefore moves from one partner to another. He likes to flirt, but in a partnership or marriage he is still faithful and loyal and will not endanger this relationship unnecessarily. But he also expects loyalty and loyalty from his partner in return. For him the striving for a lasting and stable relationship is very important and here he wants to find peace and harmony.

Empathy as a weakness

With a Taurus it can happen very often that he still holds on to a relationship, although this actually has no future at all any more. This is because a Taurus can rarely let go of something he once possessed and his empathy proves to be a weakness in a relationship. Therefore, he recognizes only very slowly and very heavily, if the feelings change in a partnership. If he experiences in this direction that something could no longer be right, he first tries to repress this fact. It therefore takes a certain amount of time for him to face reality and then act accordingly.

The Taurus is not a romantic

A Taurus doesn't have much to do with romance, and if his partner expects him to read every wish from his eyes, then he sees himself deceived. The Taurus expects a lot of closeness from his partner, but does not always really perceive the emotional state of his partner. Therefore, separations always are thunderstruck for a Taurus and he is very surprised. The danger in a relationship with a Taurus is always that boredom can very quickly enter a partnership. In a free Taurus love horoscope, you can read very well which sign of the zodiac best suits a Taurus.