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According to a quote from the 17th century, the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. Anyone who has ever been in love knows that this is true and that's why a love horoscope can be a very helpful guideline for someone's endeavors to find real love. Most importantly, it's essential to be aware that love goes way beyond finding each other attractive and interesting and that above all, love requires a great deal of understanding, tolerance and common ground. These seemingly insignificant details are frequently being overlooked or ignored when the excitement of meeting someone new kicks in. But since there is the right love match for everyone, it would be smart of any zodiac sign to use the love horoscope, which is available for free here, to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Love is a great energizer

It goes without saying that love alone doesn't pay the bills, but it's also true that a live without love is not worth living. Sending out and receiving love means feeling safe and warm and being able to see the world as a beautiful and richly colored place. Besides, love is universal and omnipresent and so the love between parents and their children or the love we feel for our friends is just as important as the love between two people in a relationship. Love, no matter where it happens, is a very powerful resource for every human being. When our hearts are filled with love, we feel connected and supported, which allows us to face the challenges of life with more strength and courage. This simple truth is another reason why the love compatibility horoscope is so popular among the astrologically interested readers. Even more so if it's a free love horoscope as offered on this page and which can tell them if the stars are aligned in their favor when it comes to love.

The different phases of love

We all know how amazing it feels when we get struck by love, be it at first sight or at a lower speed, which may explain why more and more people who want to experience this extraordinary feeling use the free love horoscope to find out which zodiac signs and star signs matches best with their own sign. Falling in love usually means feeling positively out of sorts as it creates butterflies in our bellies and makes it impossible to think of anything or anybody else than our object of desire. Needless to say that those who find themselves in this exceptional state easily become the target of other people's mockery and sarcasm, but that's part of the game and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Usually, this special phase ends when two lovers start to calm down a bit and stop seeing the world through pink glasses, which is the stage where they can move on from falling in love to being in love. That's when it becomes clear how compatible two signs, respectively two people, really are in everyday life and if they can make the sensual and the romantic aspect of their relationship work in the long run as well. Love at that stage is about caring for each other and seeing the good in the other person. If two people manage to pass that phase, the door is open for true love to come in, but they need to be aware that a love relationship is a work in progress and that it takes constant efforts from both sides to make it last. Hence, the love compatibility horoscope can provide priceless advice on what to watch out for in the process of finding and maintaining real love, although it's basically clear that a love relationship can only work if two people are willing to understand each other and to respect the needs of their partner.

From butterflies to true love in four stages

Generally, people who fall in love and manage to stay together in a loving relationship for a long time pass through four stages: The first stage is the butterfly state, where everything, especially the lover, appears bright and beautiful as we perceive the world through a soft focus lens. And there is nothing we can do about it, which means that we are practically being held hostage in a dream world filled with superlatives and high emotions. Many people who experience that believe in their clouded judgment to have found the love of their life, which inevitably leads to disappointment. Especially very sensitive star signs react with frustration when they discover that the feelings they have for their lover change over time. When this somewhat crazy stage is over and two people are still together, love has a chance to grow. People start to see their partner differently, maybe for the first time the way he or she really is, and begin to realize what's so special about the person they are with. It's usually in that second stage where they start to think about the future with a clear head, which marks usually the transition to the third stage, in which a couple is ready to make the final commitment and decides to stay together for the rest of their lives. In that stage, love has found its place in a relationship and the mind has cleared up enough to make a binding decision. The third phase is all about communion, acceptance, tolerance and friendship between two people. They take each other the way they are and try to see the world through the eyes of their partner. Last but not least, the fourth stage is about true and lasting love. Couples who have made it to that stage are willing to love unconditionally and to devote themselves entirely to this relationship. They become more and more one person and understand each other without words because they know their other half inside out and are able to empathize, to be happy for and to suffer with them. And yet, no matter how close two people may be, they mustn't forget that love is always a give and take, especially when it's meant to last a lifetime. The love horoscope and the relationship horoscope never forget to point that out, which makes them valuable resources for people to enjoy and protect the love they have for their partner, as it helps them to understand both sides.

True love has many faces

As beautiful as love can be, it's no secret that it can also hurt very badly. Of course, it's human to suffer when big feelings fade away or end abruptly, which is very likely to happen when two people wake up from their dream on Cloud Nine and start to realize that they are incompatible in real life. Hence, it's important to be aware right from the beginning that certain zodiac signs just don't make a good love match, but it's also important to remember that love has many faces and expressions and therefore doesn't deserve to be reduced to the relationship aspect. So, it's definitely advisable to check the free daily friends’ horoscope and the work horoscope, which is offered every day for free as well, because as a matter of fact, two people who are unhappy as lovers can still get along very well in other areas of life. They can be great friends for the rest of their lives or work together successfully, which is all explained in these special forecasts.