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Cancer Love Compatibility: The Love Match & Compatible signs

Who is born in the zodiac sign Cancer, is a very sensitive person with a pronounced penchant for romance. In a relationship, the Cancer proceeds very cautiously and first checks for a long time and very carefully which sign of the zodiac might suit him. For the Cancer partner, a relationship is not always very easy, because the mood of a Cancer changes very quickly and then he wraps himself in silence. The Cancer itself often does not know exactly what is bothering it. Ideal partners with the necessary understanding for Cancers could be people with the sign Scorpio or Virgo.

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You are in love with a Cancer man or a Cancer woman? Here's how you can conquer them:

The Cancer in a partnership

People with the sign of the zodiac Cancer are not particularly direct people. In order to achieve their goals nevertheless, they proceed very cautiously. Rather everything is first circumnavigated and if it is necessary, then one goes also times rather again a few steps back in order to reach then evenly on detours the goal. People with the sign of the zodiac Cancer are always very afraid of being psychologically and physically injured. They are also very shy and extremely cautious when it comes to partnership.

Which mentality does the zodiac sign Cancer in the partnership have?

A Cancer is a very romantic person and he needs a partner who shares his penchant for romance. A Cancer lives in a world in which sensations and experiences he has gained in the past are very important to him. He likes to indulge in these dreams from times gone by and in this way, they try to escape from what in their opinion is grey and hard everyday life. In a relationship and partnership, a Cancer needs a lot of love and security, especially in the mental area. If it were up to him, then a Cancer would like to merge completely with his partner.

Whole energy in the relationship

A Cancer is ready to invest all its energy in a relationship and to pamper and care for its loved ones around it. However, he always runs the risk of giving up his entire personality and identity for his partner. He then expects this to be supplemented for him by his partner. In a relationship with Cancer, however, this can prove to be a very heavy burden for the respective partner. To make matters worse, a cancer is a very mimosa-like being and it is very difficult to assess it correctly in certain situations of life.

Going into one’s shell

To settle differences of opinion with a Cancer is no easy task for the partner. The Cancer never speaks openly and directly to what disturbs it or what in its opinion should be changed. Rather, he reacts very hurt to criticism and then often goes into his shell in silence for days on end. It is therefore almost essential for the partner to be able to correctly interpret the gestures and facial expressions of his cancer partner. In many cases, the partner is not really to blame because the cancer itself often does not know exactly what is bothering it.

A Scorpio could be the ideal partner

A person with the sign Scorpio could be exactly the right partner for a Cancer. If they both focus on their strengths, a true dream relationship could emerge. Both zodiac signs are very emotional without taking the air to breathe. Although a Scorpio is very jealous in a relationship, this is exactly what a Cancer likes, because then the Cancer really feels loved and safe. But also, the combination with a sign of the zodiac Virgo could create high spirits, as you can easily read in the love horoscope Cancer. Both have the same views and very rarely get in each other's way on this point.