Cancer Ascendant / Cancer Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

Cancer Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

A person with the ascendant Cancer is a very sensitive contemporary. His character traits include sensitivity and as a Cancer Ascendant Appearance, he needs a lot of attention and security. An ascendant Cancer trusts other people only very slowly and it takes a lot of time before it opens up and reveals its feelings. The ascendant Cancer is very vulnerable and very quickly offended and then retreats to his solitude. Anyone who has once offended or injured an ascendant Cancer will certainly not be forgiven so quickly, because the Cancer can be very vindictive here.

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Very vindictive human being

The influence of the ascendant Cancer gives a person a very sensitive nature and a lot of empathy. An ascendant Cancer can put himself in the position of his fellow human beings very well and is an excellent listener in every situation in life. A person with the ascendant Cancer has a lot of understanding for other people and conveys a great feeling of security. But he himself also needs a lot of security and it is very important to him that his fellow men love and accept him. It is very difficult for a person with the ascendant Cancer to open up to other people, and he first needs complete confidence in it. Only then he reveals his innermost soul life and his feelings. A person prefers to spend nice hours at home with the ascendant Cancer. There he feels safe and secure and if he also has his dear partner at his side, then everything is perfect for him. But you have to be very careful, because the ascendant Cancer is very vulnerable. One of his traits is that he retreats quickly and hides behind his tank. Then it's almost impossible to get to him. Moreover, in such cases it also becomes apparent that the Cancer Ascendant Man or Cancer Ascendant Woman can be very vindictive and can hardly forget this if someone has done him wrong.

Surprises are not desired

The ascendant Cancer does not like surprises and this also applies to him in love. It usually takes a long time before he or she decides on a partner. The Cancer Ascendant Appearance describes that he or she is very careful and often even really suspicious and only if he is absolutely sure of his cause, then he allows more and can show his affection. The ascendant Cancer does not attach any importance to adventure when it comes to love and avoids short-term affairs. For him, a relationship and partnership must be lasting and must stand on a solid base. For the ascendant Cancer it is important that he has a partner at his side who has both feet planted firmly on the ground of reality. He needs someone to give him strength, to support him and to stand by him. The best way to show an ascendant Cancer is in a loving way where it goes and what it has to do. Then he is not offended and likes to follow what you give him on the way. It is certainly not always easy for a partner of the ascendant Cancer, because a Cancer needs a lot of closeness. Therefore, people with a great desire for freedom are certainly not suitable for a lasting relationship with the ascendant Cancer.