Cancer Sun Taurus Rising | Cancer Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant are sensitive individuals who show great empathy for others. Due to the influence of the Taurus rising, these people possess a disposition to be practical and can knuckle down. Cancers with Taurus ascendant are loyal persons whose reliability makes them a loved friend or partner. As they are really reliable in every situation it is never wise to betray their trust, because this would instantly make them withdraw and never forgive, no matter how hard their environment would try. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Feelings and pleasure are pronounced

People who are born as Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant have pronounced feelings and an inclination for all sorts of sensual pleasures, thus being able to give themselves completely to these things. Out of the combination of the Cancer sun with the Taurus ascendant individuals rise who display a lot of empathy and who are full of practicality, due to Taurus influence. Thus they are extraordinary precious human beings who quickly sense what others feel, showing amazing empathy and the will to stand up for others. This is also why people born in this astrological combination are popular friends or partners as they are sure to be reliable and loyal individuals, perfect to share a life with. Cancers are great family man or woman as well, and all tasks that are on the agenda in the family are fulfilled by the Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant, regardless of their gender. It is therefore really important to take care not to betray their trust, no matter how friendly they are or how kind their hearts may be. Those who betray their trust will be punished by the Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant by instant retreat into their shells, building up a wall that will be impossible to break down. Cancer's sensitive delicateness stays the same even in combination with the Taurus rising which is why these people expect their environment to treat them with care.

Safety is first in life

Safety and precaution are most important in the lives of a Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant. All situations and things that are new or unknown are shunned as the Cancer people with Taurus ascendant are far from being daredevils. In fact, they long for a quiet life with established structures and do everything consequently to achieve such a life. Cancers with Taurus ascendant will only develop properly and target their skills and abilities in a prosperous way when all the necessary requirements are given to soothe their strive for safety. Careers are developed in commercial fields as these people show great skills in vital statistics. In contrast to this, the fine arts are equally interesting for these individuals as they are great lovers of all artistic expression and enjoy devoting to sensual pleasures as well, due to the influence of the Cancer. Another aspect is the fulfillment of the emotional needs in the lives of the Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant, because this is needed to feel secure, too. The Cancer sun with Taurus ascendant lives economically and displays an inclination to collect all sorts of things. They are by no means misers, they just love to spend money on the things they are really interested in.