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Free Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator

The Chinese horoscope is also in other cultures outside of China very popular. Compared to the Western horoscope, Chinese astrology works essentially different; on this site however, you can determine your own Chinese zodiac sign and have it calculated free of charge. The differences between Chinese and Western astrology may be considerable but there still are some very interesting parallels between the two sciences. Here, you can get to the core of the matter free of charge and check if you have the same character features in your Chinese zodiac sign as are described in the Western horoscope.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator

Enter your birthday and birth month as well as the year of birth. After a short calculation, you will immediately see which Chinese zodiac you are. This data is necessary because the Chinese year differs from the Gregorian calendar.


One of the oldest astrologic traditions

The Chinese horoscope is already 5000 years old and therefore, it belongs to one of the oldest astrologic traditions in the whole world. In some basic points, it differs a lot from the western astrology, which is much better known to us, even if there are some interesting similarities between the Chinese and the Western astrology. In Chinese Astrology a complete cycle is, unlike in Western astrology, not lasting one year but it is lasting full 60 moon years. In this time space, all possible combinations of the Chinese horoscope will only occur one time and they will repeat only in the following 60 years.

Subdivision of the 60 years

In Chinese astrology, these 60 years are again subdivided into five cycles of 12 years respectively. One certain zodiac sign is assigned to one of these years, and this sign reigns one full year. The Chinese zodiac signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. In Chinese astrology all people born in the same year have similar personalities and special talents but also similar weaknesses. This type of people with their special character will repeat itself every 12 years then. However, this would be too general and therefore the five elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth will provide for a further differentiation of the human character. Apart from a certain animal, a certain element is assigned to every year. These elements will appear in a positive and a negative form each.
If you take a certain birth year, it is possible that there will be either a metal monkey or a wood monkey, water pig, earth pig and so on in that year. Therefore, a certain combination will appear only once within a cycle of 60 years. Similar to the western astrology, the birth hour has a special meaning in the Chinese horoscope as well. And also, in Chinese astrology, people are not only characterized by their zodiac sign, but also by their ascendant. However, there is a big difference, which has to be considered. In the western horoscope, the ascendant is the sign standing in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. In the Chinese horoscope, this is different, because here every zodiac sign reign two hours a day. This cycle begins with the sign of the Rat at 11 o’clock in the night every day, which means that someone who is born at midnight for example has the ascendant of Rat. So, the character can be determined even more precisely and clearly.