The Single Horoscope: Which Zodiac Signs are compatible

The Single Horoscope: Which Zodiac Signs are compatible

The number of singles or unattached individuals is constantly increasing all over the world and it doesn't look like this is going to change any time soon. In some areas of the world the number is higher, in others it's lower, but the tendency remains the same everywhere. However, not every single enjoys being alone, and so it comes as no surprise that the single horoscope is becoming more and more popular among singles who want to be in a relationship. The single horoscope tells us which zodiac signs make a good match and, what could be even more important, which don't. Any individual hoping to find a happy relationship will learn at some point that character is much more important than good looks and wealth when it comes to love compatibility. Considering this, the single horoscope can provide priceless support in the attempts to find the right match and it can also tell from an astrological point of view when is the best time to meet the ideal partner.

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More singles than ever

Statistics prove that the number of singles has never been higher than today, and yet it would be a mistake to think that all unattached men or women are happy living on their own. Actually, it's quite the opposite, which explains why especially on the Internet online dating services of all kinds are growing like weed, no matter the cost. At the same time, lonely hearts today are much more critical and demanding with regard to their potential love match than previous generations used to be, and so it gets even harder to find a compatible partner because it's almost impossible for an average human being to meet their expectations. One reason why the bar has been raised so high is the image promoted by media, especially advertising, of the perfect partner. According to these organs, Mr. and Mrs. Right are expected to be tall, slim, attractive, athletic, successful in their jobs and financially well off … but seriously, who can offer all that in one package? Hence, most of the people, especially the younger ones, who are looking for a relationship are chasing the ideal image of a person that doesn't exist in real life and experience a lot of frustration and disappointment in their attempts to find the perfect match. However, the single phenomenon doesn't refer only to the younger generation but has long become an issue among people of all ages and social statuses. Many people who are now single have lived in a long-term relationship or a marriage for many years and so it's obvious that their demands regarding a new partner are different and, in many cases, higher and much more specific than those of inexperienced people.

The single horoscope is suitable for everyone

Love and relationship belong to the key areas of our lives and so it is especially painful to fail there, which is why everybody who is looking for a partner to leave his solitary life behind should take advantage of the expertise provided by a single horoscope as a useful guideline for his search. Since the demands on the ideal match are higher than ever, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the character traits of all the different zodiac signs in detail. That's exactly what the single horoscope does in order to answer the question, which zodiac signs are compatible and which are not. As a matter of fact, not all the signs make a good match, but common ground and compatibility in more than one area are essential for a harmonious and lasting relationship. As opposed to that, money and good looks alone have never guaranteed happiness and fulfillment. The single horoscope considers these factors right from the beginning and can therefore provide great value and insight for everyone who is reaching out for “the one”. The Universe never lies and neither do the stars, and so it is safe to say that compatibility proven from an astrological point of view doubles the chances of finding the perfect love match for life.

Finding the ideal partner isn't easy

The changes in our society have brought about considerable changes in our lives which make is hard to find the right love match. Long working hours, job-related stress, controversies and external adversities of all sorts have led to the point where most people are completely exhausted when they come home after a long business day and don't have enough energy left to mingle with other people and to make new acquaintances, which is usually the first step for finding someone to fall in love with. But although this may sound like a Catch-22 situation, it makes it even more important for individuals who have to live like that to take a close look at the single horoscope, as this analysis shows which zodiac sign has enough understanding and tolerance for extreme circumstances like those described before. The single horoscope can tell which sign can give a hardworking individual a sense of security and unconditional support and it can also clear up which sign he or she can have the most fun with in terms of leisure activities, hobbies, sports and all kinds of shared interests. For instance, Sagittarius and Cancer don't have a lot in common. While the restless Sagittarius is usually driven by the urge of going out there to see the world, the introverted Cancer as the typical stay-at-home person has contrary needs. Such differences in character and attitude should definitely be considered in the search for the perfect partner. Besides, it can be very helpful to know when the starts are aligned in someone's favor especially when the time line for love matters are concerned, and so every single who is looking would be a fool not to use the single horoscope as a reference to make sure they don't miss the chance of their lifetime to find the ideal match.