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What sign is compatible with Cancer? The Single Horoscope

A person with the zodiac sign Cancer cannot be called a conquest, because a Cancer cannot be conquered so easily by walking past. Even when flirting, a person with the sign of the zodiac Cancer proceeds very cautiously and he definitely takes two steps first and then one step back again. The person with the sign Cancer, no matter if woman or man, is afraid to get hurt and therefore he needs his time. He has to gain trust and that's why he is certainly not a person who likes to flirt and is enthusiastic about flirting. He is simply not made for that. Learn more about these topics in our Cancer single horoscope.

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Cancer and the love

Anyone who wants to take up the sign of the zodiac with a person usually needs an amicable amount of patience until this closed heart opens. When advertising, the first thing to do is to penetrate into the depths of an easily vulnerable, shy being. All the lovely things hidden behind this watermark cannot be discovered at first sight anyway. But once Cancers have caught fire, they often surprise their heart partner with a proposal of marriage in an otherwise completely alien spontaneity. Because loose circumstances are not to the taste of the Cancer, but unsettle it. The man or woman with the sign Cancer are very reliable. Although from time to time they are very domineering and moody, the positive characteristics usually predominate in these people. Cancers are very emotional people and emotional tensions are very strongly perceived. For this reason, a Cancer is also very easily vulnerable. People with this star sign have a soft shell and a soft core and in order to protect themselves, they are quite reserved and very careful. They are very tender and devoted people, full of romance. For them a happy partnership is the most important commodity on earth and they long for partner, family and comfortable home.

What sign is compatible with the zodiac sign Cancer?

A very good connection in partnership is Cancer-Leo, because the Leo is able to give security to the anxious Cancer. The partnership or marriage between a Cancer and the Leo is a very passionate relationship and can mature into a long and happy relationship. Another of the most compatible signs is Taurus, because a lasting and happy partnership also promises the connection between the Taurus and the Cancer. The condition for this is that both take each other into consideration. The Cancer can experience wonderful days and wonderful nights with the Pisces. Both are very emotional people and the partnership between these two zodiac signs has good chances. A bond of familiarity and tenderness surrounds the carriage Cancer with Cancer. These signs of the zodiac are similar in their essence from the very beginning. But already when getting to know each other often have the feeling to know each other always and eternally. Usually you forge plans for building a nest together after only a short time. There is no question for either of them that they want to start a family. The danger of this togetherness is that the same couple will feel so comfortable with each other that they will isolate themselves from the environment.