Cancer Sun Cancer Rising | Cancer Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

All in all, people who are born as Cancers with Cancer ascendant let run free all the strength and weaknesses of these signs attributes and this can naturally be seen when these people meet others. Emotions set the agenda in the lives of those people born as Cancer sun with Cancer ascendant and decide things according to instinct. Basically Cancers with Cancer ascendant are sweet and caring individuals but as soon as someone appears less „simpatico“ they will instantly demonstrate their antipathy. Nothing would be less welcome by a Cancer with Cancer rising than to be forced to do something. In such a case they would quickly block everything and retreat to their cave. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Relying on the gut feeling

The typical strengths and weaknesses of a Cancer man or woman are intensified in a special way in the combination of Cancer sun with Cancer rising. Especially the emotional traits such as solicitousness and sentimentality are strongly emphasized. Cancer with Cancer ascendants are thus controlled by vivid and strong feelings. Double Cancers almost exclusively make their decisions from the bottom of their hearts, preferring their emotions over their rationality which often leads them to put aside their intellectual capacity. Decisions are taken by Cancers with Cancer rising according to sympathy and antipathy. It happens very often that Cancers with Cancer rising send clear signals if they dislike someone. Trusting their guts is something they rely on more than on their rationality, which may lead to irritations. Double Cancers are therefore based on emotions like sympathy and antipathy rather than making decisions out of rational concluding.

Don't corner them!

In the combination of Cancer persons with Cancer rising qualities and habits of the Cancer born are particularly highlighted. In their hearts and souls Cancers with Cancer rising live their life cautiously and know how to protect themselves. They are, however, these type of people who know how to make others feel safe and secure when it comes to the crunch. This sign will immediately put up a fight if hustled to do something for they will easily feel cornered. Regardless of their gender, people born as Cancer sun with Cancer rising are vulnerable individuals who would rather retreat than open themselves to others. Some Cancers with Cancer rising, however, act with gained self-confidence and openly express their feelings and emotions. Double Cancers are generally popular and famous for being openly friendly. Their love for music is almost as profound as their love for the family. Additionally, romantics shouldn't be neglected.