Cancer Sun Virgo Rising | Cancer Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

Cancer man or woman with Virgin ascendant are family men. For them their family is as essential as the air they breathe. A Cancer with Virgin rising is pretty diligent in every possible situation whether in private or in professional matters. Feeling comfortable is essential for a cancer with Virgo rising to be efficient. They love to create a home where they can take care of their loved and where they are loved back. Great empathy is one of Cancer sun with Virgo ascendants most brilliant qualities. But learn more about their characteristics now.


Cancers empathy is coupled with Virgos intelligence and adaptability in the constellation of a Cancer sun with Virgo ascendant. Aside from Cancers emotional delicacy Virgos tendency to serve bestows its charm on this constellation. These qualities thus combined, a Cancer with Virgo rising shows real sympathy for the fate of others and can be a really committed friend. These are admittedly positive characteristics which may however be strained and enhance their shy attitude driving this zodiac sign into more passive behavior. Although Cancers with Virgo rising are certainly sensitive they avoid showing this in public. They may surprise their environment occasionally by showing his special temper and critically examine things. However, those emotions are short-lived since the typical Cancer will be rapidly in charge of the situation. Their labor day and duties are reliably managed by Cancer with Virgo rising, regardless if woman or man.
What really matters to them is to work in a peaceful environment. They are best when they feel comfortable. This retreat into comfort and quietude enhance their efficiency. People born under this zodiac sign don't seek the limelight which doesn’t mean that they can't master public appearances. They are in fact able to perform such tasks brilliantly and like to be prepared for such events.

The real family guy

A Cancer with Virgo rising belongs to the contemplative sort of people who feel deep affection despite the rationality of their Virgo ascendant. People born in this constellation can be highly romantic and choose a companion who cares for and sports them. The Cancer sun with Virgo rising is a devoted companion who won't release a partner once they managed to find the love of their life. Once living in a committed relationship, this sign will be most devoted and sometimes very jealous. Otherwise people with this astrological chart will feel never-ending loyalty and have a talent to make a home by showing great domestic skills. Family and friends are what counts for the Cancer with Virgo risings life. This sign needs its family like the air that they breathe which is why they give careful attention to private bondings.