Cancer Sun Pisces Rising | Cancer Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

People born in Cancer, Pisces rising are very sensitive and introverted, as one might expect with two water signs meeting. Indeed, there are situations when they appear downright sluggish and rather inactive, but actually a Cancer with Pisces ascendant simply prefers living comfortably and appreciate their well-being, tackling life with every part of his being. His confidence however is not easily won but worth making the effort, for as soon as they feel welcome a Cancer with Pisces ascendant will develop into the most loyal partner and friend, a friend who follows through thick and thin. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Through foul and far together

Regardless of their gender, a Cancer sun with Pisces rising is a shy and introverted character and strongly needs a circle of trustworthy friends to feel sheltered. Moreover, these friends are particularly important as people with Cancer sun, Pisces rising only leave their crab-shell and show their inner feelings when surrounded by reliable friends.
It takes time and patience to make friends with people born in Cancer with Pisces rising since they are incredibly timid and frail characters who open rarely to others, only occasionally building trust and confidence in others. It is definitely worth waiting for a Cancer with Pisces rising for he will be the most loyal soul always on the go to help anybody through thick and thin. When chosen as a partner a Cancer with Pisces ascendant will be a passionate lover, full of emotion and sympathy.

Rooted in the subconscious

When the Cancer man or woman meets the Pisces ascendant man or woman two extremely settled and reserved water signs will be combined whose aloofness may be easily taken as sluggishness. Those who get to know someone born in Cancer with Pisces ascendant recognize them as devoted, sympathetic individuals who never would do any harm to anybody.
Usually, as a matter of fact this astrological combination favors soulful and sociable persons who don't insist on having their way. Feeling secure and comfortable may be of more importance to them than to have their point in any situation. Of all signs Cancer people with Pisces rising are far from being ambitious but tend to set their goals at a manageable level, as they are clearly not performance oriented.
Only when they see no other way out, their competitive spirit will be unleashed. Cancer people with Pisces rising are passionate daydreamers, as both are water signs which sometimes causes them to be out of tone with reality.
Cancers with Pisces rising are easily attuned to the energies around them, due to their strong association with the subconscious. Therefore, they almost always follow their instincts. Unsurprisingly, people with sun in Cancer and Pisces ascendant appearance often develop into affectionate lovers of esotericism and fortune telling, for they are especially gifted with creative potential and sensitivity.
Thus, it may only be consequent that this sign constellation instinctively feels more at home in spiritualism and parascience than in harsh reality. As long as nobody tries to prevent them from fulfilling their inner passion though they will live a happy and content life.