Cancer Sun Gemini Rising | Cancer Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

A very emotional and a rational zodiac meet in the astrological combination of the Cancer sun with Gemini ascendant. This is why people with sun in Cancer, Gemini rising are very sensitive and often offer comfort to others, helping wherever they are needed. They are only happy, when they get the feeling of being needed as this what they really want. Bursting of vivid fantasy, the Cancer sun with Gemini ascendant loves to talk about everything and anything. Personal issues, however, are dealt with discreetly as they know exactly when to keep silent and hold one's peace about certain things. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Heart meeting the mind

When the Cancer sun meets the Gemini rising heart and mind collide. Thus, a perfect mix is created out of the sensitivity of the Cancer sun and the intellect of the Gemini sign and the result are characters gifted with an amazing delicacy. Cancer individuals with Gemini ascendant are very skilled in finding the right words in every situation and marvelously give comfort and important succor. Very much loved by their environment for their ability to listen to their concerns, Cancer people with Gemini ascendant are known to hardly refuse any request. It is in their blood so that the Cancer sun with Gemini rising will be only happy when they have been in the position to help others and thus get the feeling that they are needed. People who are born in this astrological connection have a lot of fantasy, thanks to their Gemini rising and hold extensive conversations about almost every topic even when the subject are the trivialities of daily life. Cancers with Gemini man or woman only reluctantly open their private life to their environment and know exactly where they should stop talking. “Silence is golden” is the key phrase for this simpatico personality which is why they withdraw whenever they are questioned.

Keeping their own way in view

Cancer people with Gemini ascendant are a combination of sensitive traits that are typical for the Cancer sun and Gemini's intelligence, traits that unite perfectly. People who are born as Cancer sun, Gemini ascendant, regardless of their gender, show a lot of emotions and equally present themselves as quick-witted. But these people shouldn't be misjudged as pure theorists. In truth, they are very emotional characters who live their lives with deep sensitivity and equally pronounced vigilance. Cancer man or woman with Gemini rising are full of fantasy as their thinking is not just driven by their mind but by their emotions as well. These people simply love to chat about all the small things that are part of daily life. Although they are talkative and eloquent persons, Cancers with Gemini ascendant nevertheless feel deep inside to keep silent about certain private things. The shyness which is deeply rooted in their personality is not left behind until they feel comfortable in an environment. Cancer people with Gemini ascendant give a lot of comfort and come rushing to aid, if anyone around needs them. Their weakness is therefore that they can't say no, which is why they may be very lovely for others but always have to keep in mind their own way and that they don't sacrifice their privacy to brotherly love.