Cancer Sun Leo Rising | Cancer Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

Naturally, people who are born as Cancer sun with Leo ascendant are on a quest for recognition and want to hold their ground especially in public domains. It is their amazing self-confidence that characterizes the Cancer with Leo ascendant but these people do not put this on show. They strongly support their personal opinion and would go the long way to achieve their aims. However, there are extremely large differences between the character traits of Cancer and the Leo the Lion ascendant which would surface in various situations of everyday life. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Riddled with inconsistencies

An amazingly broad knowledge of the human nature supported mainly by an excellent memory characterizes the people born as Cancer sun with Leo ascendant. These individuals primarily have a strong charisma as well as a fair amount of sex appeal. It is all the more surprising that they can find it extremely difficult to find true love. It is not an uncommon occurrence in their lives to be disappointed in love matters. As soon as this happens, a Cancer sun with Leo rising withdraws and and takes this very much to heart. On the one hand people with this astrological chart suffer a lot from being disappointed and take their time to digest but on the other hand Cancers with Leo ascendant will always be self-confident enough although the Cancer in them longs for safety, recognition and assistance in others. Their true strength surfaces when it comes to the personal goals of Cancers with Leo ascendant. Loads of energy are set free to realize these goals. It is this extreme opposition between the qualities of Cancer and those of Leo the lion that will over and over again put a spoke in the wheel of Cancer sun with Leo ascendants life. The crucial point in this special composition will be that Leos need for public acknowledgment vigorously opposes Cancers reserved and introverted nature that does not make life any easier for people born in this mix.

Need for safety

It is part of a Cancers character to withdraw regularly whereas Leo the Lion prefers asserting himself in public and strongly needs to be recognized. Out of this individuals are formed who are on the one hand very ambitious and full of energy but on the other hand will be easily hurt by criticism since Cancer's influence is really strong in all emotional matters. A Cancer sun with Leo ascendant rarely displays self-confidence, regardless of the gender. However, this does not mean that they go along with everything for Cancers man or woman with Leo ascendant are by all means able to voice their opinion clearly. They will nevertheless pay attention not to show their vulnerability openly. Although they are really self-conscious they long for safety and recognition. They will leave no stone unturned in order to achieve personal aims thus bringing in a great deal of energy. There will be nevertheless again and again situations coming up when the individual qualities of the Cancer and the Leo sign collide.