Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising | Cancer Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

Emotions play a central part in the lives of people born as Cancer sun with Scorpio ascendant. Due to their strong personality they know exactly what life is for and are aware of their part in it. With a cozy home as a base, Cancers with Scorpio ascendant spare no efforts finding tranquility as well as spend a relaxing time in their own homes. In private as well as on the job, Cancer sun with Scorpio rising sometimes prefers getting to the bottom of things. Deep inside, this sign simply bursts of kindheartedness, thus being a really amiable character. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Quickly jealous and furious

Their homes are welcome places of retreat for this is where Cancer individuals with Scorpio ascendant relax and build new strength. Once this save haven is threatened somehow or the harmony which is preserved inside would be disturbed, Cancer people with Scorpio rising will quickly present their stings, thus being very brusque. Their overly protective instinct may then develop into maddening jealousy or even fury, causing considerable damage. Cancers with Scorpio rising should therefore learn to put trust in their environment and to control their moods in order to reassure their homes as a place of recreation and a protective cocoon. This sheltered surroundings enhance Cancers with Scorpio ascendants amiability and bring out their kindheartedness best, regardless of the gender, for these traits slumber in every Cancer sun with Scorpio ascendant. In such manner their popularity will increase amazingly.

Emotions are key

In the astrological constellation of a Cancer sun with a Scorpio rising Cancers quite reserved and slightly passive character traits are enhanced by the emotional force of Scorpios influence which leads to consequent action. Although this sign propagate their views consequently they are also able to be sensitive towards their environments anyway. People who are born as Cancer man or woman with Scorpio ascendant are totally aware of their strong personality and, in addition, of what they want in life. Their character traits are therefore utterly stable. Cancers with Scorpio ascendant present an intuitive and direct opinion about life, showing an extremely clear and tangible philosophy. It is for them a matter of course to get to the bottom of some issues. Especially in matters of love, emotionality will be their most important task thus they are never interested in superficial interludes. Cancers with Scorpio rising have a quite complex character. In most issues they create their own way of life. Real and deep emotions are key for this sign and great emphasis is put on a fulfilled sex life as well as living in harmony with each other. People who are born in this astrological constellation have powerful inner values combined with a marvelous imagination. If the intention is to position themselves effectively in life they will easily divest themselves of their amiability in order to stand their ground effectively.