Cancer Sun Aries Rising | Cancer Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

The Cancer sun with Aries rising is known to be a rather complicated combination and thus the persons who are born with both zodiacs in their characters can't be called a lucky pair as their connection forms a character who is quickly burning brightly. There are two hearts beating in the people who are born as Cancer sun with Aries ascendant. While Cancer people are famous for their rapidly changing moods, the Aries rising seems to further enhance this phenomenon. So, in a relationship, however, this combination of the Cancer sun with an Aries ascendant will certainly cause problems as their extreme mood changes weigh heavily on their daily lives and therefore, inevitably also on their partners. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Readily flammable

In the constellation of the Cancer man or woman with an Aries ascendant the fire and the water elements collide. All the phrases and metaphors about what would happen if fire is added to water are not without reason and this also becomes obvious in this mix of traits and the different characteristics of these persons. Thus, the composition of the Cancer sun with Aries ascendant results in a highly flammable mixture that will readily catch fire when the thin-skinned and easily irritated Cancer sun meets the Aries rising and consequently acts as impulsively as possible. Individuals with sun in Cancer, Aries ascendant are at the same time very sensitive and easily hurt. Both the men and women of the Cancer sun with Aries ascendant have two hearts beating in their breasts. Cancer people with Aries ascendant are really hard to deal with because of their quick mood changes and this phenomenon even affects the Cancers themselves. The inner strife is a result of the clash of typical Cancer traits with Aries characteristics. In this sign introversion and emotionality meet bravado and impulsiveness, thus the outcome will be a constant swinging between two oppositional directions with no center in sight. The behavior of the Cancer sun with Aries ascendant is therefore subject to rapid changes. Thus, two characters come together in the people with sun in Cancer, Aries ascendant who couldn't be more different which is why they are so erratic for others and even for their partners.

No consideration for others

As a general rule, people with sun in Cancer, Aries ascendant are very quiet and emotional. The Aries rising, however, can quickly change the sensitive Cancer into a foaming hotspur with no consideration for others. Cancers are already known for their changing moods but with an Aries as rising this behavior is especially highlighted. Cancer people love their homes and spend as much time in their own place as possible as they need the harmony and safety of their own houses to balance their souls. Aries' influence encourages the Cancer people to break out of their cozy homes, but as soon as they have left their houses they will feel lost and homeless. Getting along with people who are born in this difficult constellation is therefore rather challenging and requires a lot of tolerance, serenity and steadfastness.