Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising | Cancer Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics and Appearance

As amiable and loyal characters, Cancer people with Capricorn ascendant are quite vulnerable personalities. Therefore, social interaction and long-lasting relationships will play an important part in the lives of people born as Cancer sun with Capricorn rising. This is true not only for their private areas but also on the job for Cancers with Capricorn ascendant seek society and strongly depend on a harmonious atmosphere wherever they are. They surely have their problems in finding solutions or making decisions as Cancers with Capricorn ascendant take their time balancing all pros and cons out. It may take a while until this zodiac will be ready to make a decision, thus they put their environment's patience really to the test time after time. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Decisions are well thought out

Those individuals who are born as Cancers sun with Capricorn rising are known to be easily hurt as they are really devoted and pleasant fellows. Harmonious relationships play an amazingly important part in the lives of Cancers with Capricorn ascendant which is why this sign is looking for contact not only in private areas but also at work. Generally, Cancers with Capricorn ascendant would never act in a rash but love to think things through to detail. All changes are approached by lengthy deliberations first, balancing out all pros and cons to detail. Patience is thus the key to this sign for these people take a lot of time to force themselves to come to a decision. Thus challenging their environment's nerves, Cancers with Capricorn ascendant nevertheless stay calm, regardless of the gender.

Not too keen to be on their own

What is typical for Cancer man or woman is their reservedness and that they dislike taking center stage. These oppositional character traits can be observed in the Capricorn zodiac who really likes to be in the center of attention. It is typical for a Capricorn to be in the middle of everything, for this zodiac cherishes to be acknowledged publicly. These contradictious character traits bring inner conflicts into the combination of the Cancer sun with Capricorn ascendant. This constellation appears however to usually harmonize quite well since all aspects of family or marriage are number one to this sign, a trait, that can't be changed not even by the influence of the Capricorn ascendant. Work matters are generally subordinated to all concerns of the family. The most important traits of a Cancer sun with Capricorn rising is their amiability and honesty. They seek contact to others even at work for they dislike being on their own. Their lives are planned according to schedules and all tasks will be thought out well in advance and then realized step by step. Changes are a challenge for Cancer sun with Capricorn ascendant as they have to take their time to think about all aspects of it first as they are great lovers of the tried and tested way in general. This, however, does not mean that these people are not ambitious, on the contrary, Cancers with Capricorn ascendant just need a bit of time to get back on their feet and take the next step. In case their performances are subject to criticism these people will easily feel hurt, thus further on they will take even more time to balance out all possibilities.