Cancer Sun Sagittarius Rising | Cancer Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Cancer Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Exciting changes are as important for people born as Cancer sun with Sagittarius rising as the feeling of security. Out of the duality of this contradictory demands arises the intense and constant feeling of being lost which seems to be part of every Cancer with Sagittarius rising, resulting in the fact that all their wishes are difficult to reconcile with each other. Cancers with Sagittarius ascendant become quickly popular friends in their environment for most of the others perceive them as totally friendly and warm personalities. Carefulness is the keyword in dealing with them since they are easily hurt by a single word and will withdraw for some time quickly. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Always a little empty inside

Always presenting themselves as understanding persons, Cancers with Sagittarius rising make invaluable counselors in all areas and situations of life. As honesty is the keyword for this sign, Cancer individuals close the door on people who think themselves the greatest. Much emphasis is put on loyalty in a relationship with their soulmate although Cancer with Sagittarius rising every now an then takes a gander on beautiful passers-by. Casting a glance will however be the utmost of their experience for Cancers with Sagittarius ascendant admittedly cherish this special tension very much but deep inside longs for safety and support in their social environment and they therefore would never risk their relationship. Thus, the concurring of all the contradictory emotions in a Cancer sun with Sagittarius rising may lead to a certain feeling of loneliness since the longing for freedom on the one hand and the wish for safety on the other prove incompatible in a way.

Differentiation is key

When the emotional Cancer collides with the belligerent Sagittarius in people born as Cancer sun with Sagittarius rising, fun, tension and variation are on the agenda. On the one hand the Sagittarius part wants to live life to the full and experience hours of fun outside but on the other hand the Cancer part will be constantly looking for a place to draw back to, seeking safety.
People born as Cancer sun with Sagittarius rising have clearly defined principles regarding how they perceive the world or even in other issues of life. They basically distinguish between what's right and what's wrong at any time for any questions that are asked, and as soon as they encounter situations of injustice they suffer a lot from them. Sometimes it seems hard to unify their longing to be firmly rooted and the wish to set out into the big world keeps arising. Then again it will be exactly this inner strive and duality that teaches a Cancer man or woman with Sagittarius rising early in life to decide out of wisdom and rationality. In general, people born as Cancer sun with Sagittarius ascendant are pleasant individuals and very popular in their environment thus people like them right away. However they can express their disagreement by bearing grudges and withdrawal into a sulk once they are hurt.