Cancer and Sagittarius Love Compatibility in Relationship: Man and Woman

Cancer and Sagittarius Love Compatibility in Relationship

The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius is not very good, which is why the conditions for a long-term partnership are rather modest. Both have simply too different views and views of life and therefore there are much more points of friction between the two than similarities. The Cancer is sensitive and he will be injured more than once by the open and very direct nature of the Sagittarius. It may well be that both will come closer over time, but for a long and above all happy relationship this will not be enough and therefore a success story between these two is rather unlikely.

The daily love horoscope for Cancer and Sagittarius

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Love Compatability: Cancer and Sagittarius ?

People with the zodiac signs Cancer and Sagittarius have very different views of life and therefore do not really fit together well. Cancer is a person who puts his home above everything else and who prefers to spend his time there. The Sagittarius is completely different, it is a person who is always sets out into the world and who constantly wants to broaden his horizon. For Cancer, whether Cancer woman or Cancer man, feelings are first and foremost important and this is also what he wants to make the meaning of his life. The Sagittarius is knitted completely differently, because he feels too many and too strong feelings more than constricting and straining. So, if you ask the question, Cancer and Sagittarius - if it fits together, then unfortunately this has to be denied. The Cancer partner horoscope explains in detail why. A chance for a lasting relationship between these two actually only exists when the Sagittarius has a certain maturity and knows what love means. And in most cases, this will only be the case in the second half of his life.

The detailed partner horoscope for Cancer with Sagittarius

In this partnership blatant opposites collide. These two people certainly have a chance for a lasting relationship, but this requires a great deal of tolerance on both sides, because both must learn that the qualities of the partner are quite valuable and neither oppressive nor hurtful. The contrasts between the two could hardly be greater. If the other likes summer, the other only feels comfortable in winter, one likes red, the other blue and that's the way it goes with the two throughout the relationship. Cancer feels most at home and the Sagittarius is drawn out into the big wide world. This is the biggest problem for the two of them. The cancer wants to have his Sagittarius partner as close to him as possible, but the Sagittarius breaks down because he simply needs his freedom and the possibility to experience new things, to discover the world and to learn new insights from it.

Conflicts are the order of the day

Cancer is a person who is very emotional and takes a lot to heart very quickly. In a partnership with the star sign Sagittarius, therefore, problems between these two will be the order of the day. The Sagittarius has little tact by nature and will therefore address everything that disturbs him directly and without beating about the bush and thus certainly not only injure the Cancer once. As a relationship partner, Cancer and Sagittarius simply don't fit together, because both combine to form an explosive mixture rather than a harmonious unit. The Cancer is restrained and introverted, while the Sagittarius pushes forward briskly and rather unsentimentally, regardless of losses.

Long-term partnership hardly possible

The conditions for a long-term partnership between Cancer and Sagittarius are therefore definitely not good. Perhaps in time it will be possible for both partners to get closer to each other, but they will never really understand each other. Although it may well be that the handling of the Sagittarius will make the Cancer somewhat less cautious and more courageous, but more rapprochement is usually not to be expected in this respect, because the two are simply too different. The Cancer cannot be removed from its sensitive skin and will always remain a foreign word to the Sagittarius’ instinct. These opposites will not attract over time, but repel each other.