Taurus Sun Virgo Rising | Taurus Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

Their distinctive sense of reality characterizes people born in Taurus with Virgo ascendant. They are quite down-to-earth resting in themselves. But Taureans man or woman with Virgo rising equally know how to enjoy the good things in life and cherish any given delight. A Taurus sun with Virgo rising avoids being in the limelight and will only occasionally be seen at celebrations. This sign prefers a cozy evening at home with his friends to big feasts. People born in Taurus with Virgo ascendant will relax best enjoying a tasty meal and a good wine at their own place. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Common sense is emphasized

People born in Taurus with Virgo ascendant are rooted deeply in themselves. They have their feet firmly at the bottom of things and don't feel like changing at all. Intellect and emotions are shared with their common sense which won’t be easily shaken. A Taurus with Virgo ascendant is excellent at promoting himself with his down-to earth mentality. He also shows great perseverance and tenacity. This sign draws strength from its qualities in order to cope with everyday life. Taureans with Virgo ascendant aren't afraid of hard work but equally enjoy their rightful pleasure time. In addition, Aries people with Virgo rising gladly stand up for other peoples rights or generally for society’s good as long as this does not oppose their opinions. A good pension plan is highly important hence this sign likes to be prepared for any possible situation. As passionate house owners, this people appreciate feeling secure. Winning their confidence is difficult especially for those people whose attitude to life may be different. This can be traced back to the fact that Taureans with Virgo rising don't want to get involved with different-minded individuals. A Taurus with Virgo rising is usually a hard-working guy who has his nose to the grindstone, and nothing is more appreciated than looking back on a day's hard labor. A character like that would sooner die than spent his workday sitting at a desk and work intellectually. That will not suit him in the long run.

Gathering friends around them

Generally, a Taurus with Virgo rising is a person of epicurean taste who often indulges in good food and wine. Material things, such as apparel or jewelry, are enjoyed by this sign. Love and a fulfilling relationship are essential for people born in Taurus with Virgo ascendant, both men and women. It takes time to get close to a Taurus companion for superficial interludes are against his nature. This sign favors true love with all that comes along: marriage, starting of a family and last but not least – building a cozy home. Taureans with Virgo rising love to entertain their friends at home, thus they abhor drinking too much or partying all night long. Furthermore, Taureans enjoy being around friends with a good meal and a good conversation.