Taurus Sun Gemini Rising | Taurus Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

Taureans with Gemini ascendant are basically down-to-earth persons who are calm and sometimes even passive. Nevertheless quite in love with life, they are attached to the fine things although this love of life is not always visible on the outside. The Taurus individual simply enjoys with ease and in a peaceful and modest surrounding. Always appearing a bit lazy, people who are born in this astrological constellation have nevertheless an alert mind. They may simply have decided not to talk too much and rather observe than risk hurting others or to say something erroneous. Reliability is though one of their greatest talents, a trait they are hold in high regard for their private and environment as well as on the job. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Modesty and silence

Taurus people are deeply rooted in reality. Thus, as their roots reach very deep, they may be regarded as stoic and rigid characters. Thanks to the Gemini rising, however, the earthbound Taurus is spiced with a healthy dose of drive and flexibility, which really improves the situation of the Taurus sun with Gemini rising especially when new or changed things lie ahead. They thus learn how to deal with situations like this. But even though both men and women of the Taurus sun with Gemini ascendant approach their task basically realistic, they are nevertheless enthusiastic about life in general and inclined to enjoy the beauty of everything. As all that is loud or demonstrative is alien to these people, they prefer living their live to the full in peace and modesty. Others have come to admire Taurus individuals with Gemini rising because of their reliability and their discreet joie de vivre. These attributes endear them to all their private and professional environment.

Silence is golden

People who are born as Taurus sun with Gemini man or woman always seem to be a bit lethargic to their environment. But others shouldn’t be fooled by this as their calm and peaceful manner is nothing but an alert character whom they can always rely on. In general, both men and women of the Taurus sun with Gemini ascendant don't come out of their shell until they feel utterly comfortable. Sometimes a bit shy in their communicational skills, they need this shyness to prevent themselves from hurting others with words. As the conversation starts, they may seem open and amenable but in the course of the same conversation they will withdraw more and more. Taureans with Gemini rising prefer less talking to saying something erroneous and resorts to observing others. They are so much more comfortable with the practical things in life as they are basically very diligent people who thanks to the Taurus sun, are completely in their element when hard work is required. Taurus people with Gemini ascendant are known to work hard and fast and concentrate more on the practical than on the theoretical things in life. Due to their skillful craftsmanship, Taureans with Gemini ascendant are able most of the time to help themselves and therefore can easily dispense with expensive craftspeople. As long as they feel rewarded well for their work, they will go all in. Practical sense and deliberateness are what distinguishes the Taurus sun with Gemini rising and marks these people as gifted troubleshooters and if necessary, they will plod along on a task with endless stamina and the patience of a saint until the very end.