Taurus Sun Taurus Rising | Taurus Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

All the strengths and weaknesses of the Taurus sign are highlighted and accentuated in the combination of the Taurus sun with Taurus rising. Taurus people with Taurus ascendant always seem cumbersome and leisurely, thus giving a deceiving but not necessarily correct impression. Facing opponents with open amiability and humor, Taurus individuals quickly put an end to personal criticism. Their special charm opens many doors, primarily those leading to the hearts of others. A Taurus therefore knows exactly what he/she wants, achieving their goals with perseverance. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Opening all doors with charm

Perseverance and calmness are the key words for the Taurus sun with Taurus rising. With Taurus' influence in both the sun and the rising a, double amount of calmness and perseverance mark this sign. Taureans with Taurus ascendant can be observed in detail with all their strengths and weaknesses lying on the surface of their personality, thus both men and women clearly express their preferences and dislikes. Taurus sun with Taurus ascendant are very unhurried persons in sound judgment, deeply rooted in reality. Always on the bright side of life, this sign cherishes sensuality whenever possible. This does not mean that these people are unable to focus on what is important. Double Taureans man or woman really can get persistent with things that are readily available and predictable but they never waste time on any deep chasm of their souls. Although Taureans with with Taurus ascendant are generally cumbersome they stand ready when needed. Thanks to their charming personality, all doors are easily opened for Taureans man or woman with Taurus rising. This is especially true for the door to people's hearts.

A lot of comfort and perseverance

People who are born as Taurus sun with Taurus ascendant have enormous perseverance and a lot of patience, both traits that make them truly amiable persons. They may have their goals in life but neglect chasing the really big dreams. A solid and steady place on earth and in life is what these people are concerned about. Taureans are not ruffled too easily which is why many people do consider them cumbersome and lazy. However, once confronted with the humorous and friendly personality of a double Taurus, their critiques quickly fall silent. It is Taurus' personality that captures quickly their environment, gaining everybody's heart. There are however weak points in the characters of people whose sun and rising are the same. Thus the double Taurus can be very willful and basically clings to his opinions. Usually they are really open and compromising which is why they shouldn’t find it difficult to change their mind. It is therefore hard but not impossible to influence these people or to change their opinion. There are situations, however when Taureans with Taurus rising press their point. In such cases, the double Taurus should be left alone. Otherwise their environment would risk annoying them.