Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising | Taurus Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Taurus sun with Scorpio ascendant are loyal and utterly reliable at any time. Taurus people with Scorpio ascendant puts great emphasis on how they are connected to their environment. In addition, a special stamina and strong will are key to this sign. Due to their habit to always have their own opinion without accepting any other and the tendency to get on the wrong track, these people not rarely spite their own interests. It is therefore of great importance that Taureans man or woman with Scorpio rising question themselves constantly and are willing to adjust their plans in order not to stand in their own way. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Questioning oneself again and again

All Taureans with Scorpio ascendant, regardless of their gender, give great priority to their personal environment for they are extremely loyal people on whom their friends can rely in every situation. It thus happens very easily that a Taurus sun with Scorpio ascendant runs the risk of getting on the wrong track and clings to much on an aim both in love as well as in other issues. This particular feature, accompanied by their typical stubbornness they block their own ways and development. It is therefore of great importance that Taurus sun with Scorpio rising learns to accept that there may be situations where they should simply let go. Even determined characters like the Taurus sun with Scorpio ascendant may never be sure that nothing ever changes because in a day the world can be utterly different. Great work should be put therefore into constantly questioning themselves and their chosen paths. If they pay attention to this, concentrating on their goals will be much easier like this

Rare tranquility

Their enormous will-power and perseverance normally guarantees people born as Taurus sun with Scorpio ascendant that they achieve what they are aiming at. Normally, these individuals achieve their objectives no matter how much strength they have to show, if necessary. That does not mean, however, that they have no compunctions at all. Quite the opposite, in fact the Taurus sun with Scorpio rising can be very amiable, a trait this sign knows how to use. Usually, they act quickly without hesitating and never lose their heads while focusing on an aim. Nothing can shake them which is why they prefer facing even extremely adverse developments to sitting out the storm. It is precisely this behavior that gives Taureans with Scorpio ascendant a decisive head start to others which they work on to expand further. Sometimes, however, they believe too early that they have reached their destinations already and congratulate themselves as winners. This will certainly provoke others to pay them back and set out traps. Tranquility is therefore a rare thing in the lives of the Taurus sun with Scorpio rising, which results in this sign always working and working like madmen. This being subject to restless being driven sometimes confuses their environment, thus leading to Taurus sun with Scorpio ascendant being laughed at to some extend. As Taureans with Scorpio ascendant surely have their pride, such humiliation will provoke lingering thoughts of vengeance.