Taurus Sun Libra Rising | Taurus Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

This sign can really be called the darling of fortune, because Taureans with Libra ascendant are loved in an instant wherever they show up, due to their amazing charm. It is, however, a mistake to believe the Taurus sun with Libra rising to be perfectly innocent. On the contrary, the Taurus sun with Libra ascendant is primarily interested in being financially sorted already at a young age, thus they may behave now and then rather calculating. Taureans with Libra ascendant really cherish the good things in life and are therefore perfectly aware of the costs. Financial stability and a solid private economy are thus the key phrase for this sign, and they will take every opportunity to put this into practice. But learn more about their characteristics now.

As long as it is warm and cozy

Being a real Sunday's child, the Taurus sun with Libra ascendant will lead a lucky life in general. Both men and women who are born as Taureans man or woman with Libra ascendant are blessed with Venus' influence and thus not only display an amazingly charming personality but also such a sense of tact that everybody can not help but love them. Though they are often compared to an angel in this context, it is important to keep in mind that Taureans man or woman with Libra ascendant are nevertheless human beings with all strengths and weaknesses. What are extremely pronounced in this constellation, are their artistic disposition and a strong need to groom and adorn intensively. Great lovers of elegance and additionally a clean surrounding, Taureans with Libra rising are less glamorous inside than it seems from the outside. Despite being sympathetic on them, they can be called calculating characters as they primarily have an eye on ensuring their financial situation and thus their most important task in life will be to become financially sorted at a young age. A marriage with the Taurus sun with Libra ascendant will therefore often be accompanied by stipulating a marriage contract. Furthermore, these people surely have their problems living alone and therefore are quickly drawn into relationships as they would become depressed if being shift for oneself permanently. Warmth and the feeling of security are very important for Taureans with Libra ascendant and this is also visible in their tendency to live in areas where the weather is bright and the sun shining. Warmth can be provided in the eyes of a Taurus sun with Libra ascendant also in a cozy and warm apartment. For the main issue should be that it is cozy and warm.

An amazing sense of tact

Their emotional life is what is most important in the lives of the Taurus sun with Libra rising. With a special emphasis on positive and comfortable emotions these people feel best. Negativity causes the Taurus sun with Libra rising a lot of trouble which is why they sometimes try to suppress such emotions completely, escaping into harmony instead of solving the underlying conflicts or causes. The upshot will be that Taureans with Libra ascendant internalize all negative things, bottling them up and thus risk, falling ill, as in the long run they will get sick. There are situations, however, where Taurus people with Libra ascendant may profit from this tendency to shy away as this strategy of avoidance gets quite often misjudged as tact, thus winning them more sympathies.