Taurus Sun Leo Rising | Taurus Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Taurus Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

Living in luxury is an important concept in the scheme of life of people with Taurus sun and Leo ascendant for this zodiac really knows how to enjoy life. However, Taureans with Leo ascendant do not only live a life on the fat of the land but put enormous emphasis on feathering their nests. They need to feel that everything is going on fine because nothing is more dreaded by Taurus sun with Leo rising than a state of emergency. Reaping the rewards of their hard work is essential for Taurus people with Leo rising in order to achieve their goals. As a fundamentally realistic character this sign keep their aims set low and does not set the bar too high. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Realistic and down to earth

A great deal is put on a good breeding as well as on good manners in life by Taureans with Leo ascendant. People born in this astrological chart always make sure to be on the safe side and prefers feathering their nests to living on the risky side. So, a life less luxurious or a life in need of something is simply unthinkable for Taureans man or woman with Leo rising. In fact, such situations would be their personal nightmare scenario. It would be, though, complete nonsense to think that Taureans with Leo ascendant are living it up withdrawn from what is real for they are far down-to-earth people. Supposing such things would wrong the Taurus with Leo rising because although money and glamor are admittedly important for their lives, Taureans man or woman with Leo ascendant never ever lose their grip and stays realistic. Generally, Taureans with Leo ascendant easily achieve what they want in life and climb the height of success. However, it is true that this zodiac makes excellent realistic estimates of what opportunities they have and rarely takes on too much. Therefore, they often succeed in solving tasks successfully and not rarely achieve more than even planned.

Anxious about the future

Most of the Taureans with Leo ascendant are self-confident persons who are generally friendly and peaceful natures. In the course of this, they also make sure that they can be distinguished from others. Taureans with Leo ascendant love leading a life in luxury and this can be applied to their homes as well. Regardless of their gender, these people are attached to the beautiful things without getting carried away. Thus, Taureans with Leo ascendant set great store by good breeding and politeness. At considerably young age they will start feathering their nests, a trait that can be traced back to their anxiety of the future. Social status will therefore be another important aspect of their life. Taureans with Leo rising work hard to live a life free from needs thus they are very ambitious people who are sure to succeed on the job. Due to their charming self-confidence and their general attractiveness Taureans with Leo ascendant are highly popular with the opposite sex and it is easy for this zodiac to have the spark ignited in others. Taurus people with Leo rising are generally very robust. Only if they give abandon themselves too much to bodily pleasures their health will suffer. Taureans with Leo rising complete what they are at for in general they set their objectives low and stay realist.