The Number 1 in Numerology: The Meaning of One

The Number 1 in Numerology: The Meaning of One

The symbolism of numbers also plays an important role in astrology whereby the destiny number, also called life path number, has a particular meaning. This number is calculated from the birth date and indicates which means are to use in their life in order to achieve his or her personal goals. According to Astrology, the birth date determines the destiny of a human being. The destiny or life path number explains the people their correlation with their environment, their surroundings, their friends and relatives.

The meaning of the number 1

The destiny number 1 is one of the most important numbers within the symbolism of numerology because it stands for the origin of life. The destiny number 1 is regarded the number of god and it is the symbol for a new beginning. At the same time, 1 is the basis for all other numbers, which means that people can influence their life considerably with this life number. The destiny or life path number 1 ensures that a human being has the pronounced talent to analyze things precisely and to draw his or her conclusions from that. Therefore, it is no wonder that 1 is the destiny number of many inventors, scientists and discoverers. People with the life path number 1 usually have a sound view of the world and are able to assert themselves. These preconditions, in correlation to their inherent sense of responsibility makes them ideal leaders. With their great creativity and their spirit of innovation, they will generally be very successful.

Almost unshockable

People with the destiny number 1 are not easy to shock because they bear considerable inner and outer strength. However, their own success will very often blind them and then they tend to become somewhat arrogant. People with the life number 1 always want to be independent and they will occasionally show some egoism and dominance which will especially in their love life and other human contacts lead to tensions. Whoever assesses those people correctly and shows the necessary tolerance for their behavior, will soon detect that these people are true and reliable and that one can always count on them.

The name number 1

Apart from the destiny number, the name number plays an important role in numerology. The name number 1 describes people influenced by the sun, which means that this number symbolizes a strong will and an almost unshakeable self-confidence. People with the name number 1 will be remembered because they have a talent to draw attention on themselves in the most various situations. In correlation with the destiny number 1, people having the name number 1 will get on very well in their life and do definitely not belong the losers because they won’t let anything distract them from their goals, they will always go their way directly and resolutely.