The Number 3 in Numerology: The Meaning of Three

The Number 3 in Numerology: The Meaning of Three

The destiny of a human being has a fundamental influence on his or her life course. This, however, depends on his or her own skill to assess certain situations and to react accordingly in order to influence his or her destiny to a certain extent. Therefore, in the astrological view, destiny is regarded a higher power with a considerable influence on the life of a human being. No matter how life may develop and how it is predetermined in its basic form by destiny, it is in any case useful to know what your predetermined life course looks like. This is why the destiny number plays such a fundamental role in a human being’s life. The destiny number or life path number shows the main aspects in a person’s life and additionally offers information on the way and possibly the means for reaching one’s life goals.

The meaning of the number 3

In the symbolism of numerology, the number 3 embodies the triangle combining the positive powers of soul, spirit and body. People with the destiny number 3 generally have a good sense of humor and are very sociable, which makes them very popular with their fellow people. Individuals with this life path number will specifically seek the company of other people; in their company, they can express themselves the best. Through their wide variety of artistic and creative talents, they often work in creative professions. Based on their various interests and talents, the impression may arise that these people are not able to concentrate on one thing over a longer period of time, but that is a false conclusion, because people with the life path number 3 will, despite their “joie de vivre”, show a high grade of discipline and will stick to their principles.

Jealousy is always a companion

Since people with the destiny number 3 are very popular with almost everyone, some people will still be jealous of them. However, they also tend to be jealous. Although it is not for envy for what others may have or not have, but because of their uncertainty in their love life. To be in love is very important to people with the life path number 3 and usually they really enjoy their love life. However, they often lack confidence towards their partner, which is up to them primarily because it takes them rather long to open up and show their innermost feelings to their partner. Often, they lack the necessary sensitivity towards their fellow people who are not as lucky as they are.

The name number 3

The name number is almost as important as the destiny number for analyzing a human being. Hence, whoever has the name number 3, can regard this number as a symbol of courage and success. People with this name number will be very successful in life when he or she makes their decisions with inner clarity and strength. Harmony is paramount to people having the name number 3 and whoever is in a position to interpret his of her life properly may even become a celebrity. The particular strength of people with the name number 3 in combination with the destiny number 3 is their particular energy, which repeatedly enables them to get to grips with problems, which seemed to be unsolvable.