The Number 6 in Numerology: The Meaning of Six

The Number 6 in Numerology: The Meaning of Six

In numerology, which is often used in addition to astrological analyses, the destiny number, which is due to its meaning for the life path of a person called life path number, plays a significant role. The destiny number is calculated from the cross footing of the life path of a human being and points the way to the individual destiny of a person, independently from their zodiac sign. It is not possible to predict the future life of a human being precisely, since his or her life path depends on how actively he or she will take their life in their own hands but it can be considered a useful tool to get things moving into the right direction with much more conscious awareness.

The meaning of the number 6

People with the destiny number 6 are relentlessly searching for love. A deep inner need drives them and then they tend to overshoot the target. Therefore, it is no wonder that they tend to be unfaithful within marriage and a firm relationship. This compulsive search for love can only be overcome when people having the life path number 6 deal with their inner emotions and get comfortable with the thought that they want to be loved as a human being. If they just accept this inner need, they will not have to search for love on the outside. People with the destiny number 6 are not afraid of confrontations with different-minded people, because they are blessed with a skill to differentiate and to judge their counterparts correctly, so they will always be in good company. Therefore, they are most of the time surrounded by people who will recognize the loving human being in them. People with the destiny number 6 will very soon show their true nature to their fellow people and willingly renounce to a façade of cold distance and superiority. When they overcome their initial uncertainty, they will usually succeed in doing so through the love they are emitting.

The search for love

For people having the destiny number 6, this fact is not always a cause to rejoice in since this number will often cause difficulty to them. In order to understand the meaning of this number, one has to know that people with the destiny number 6 will, in inter-human relationships, show the tendency to project a part of their own personality on their partner. They know about their mistakes and inadequacies and like to transfer them on their fellow people, too. These people have difficulty in maintaining a long-term relationship since they wish to continue their search for love after a relatively short time in order to find perfection on the way, since the destiny number 6 also stands for perfection.

The name number 6

People with the name number 6 are gifted with various talents. Therefore, there are many people having the name number 6 who devote themselves to music, visual arts or poetry, because usually they love everything connected with arts and apart from that, they love to indulge in the sensual pleasures of life. People with the name number 6 are very likeable and charming and they soon cast a spell over their fellow people. However, their personality also tends to be volatile and unpredictable and so one does not always know where they stand.