Virgo Sun Virgo Rising | Virgo Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born in Virgo with Virgo rising are very attentive to detail approaching things rather matter-of-factly. Great lovers of the useful and practical things in life the Virgo with Virgo rising rather leaves reveries to others. Due to this rationality this sign is often too serious a matter and thus misses the boat to enjoy life entirely. A Virgo man or woman with Virgo risings reserved and distanced manner makes them an underdog in the eyes of others but this definitely does them wrong. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Earnest and reason are paramount

All the characteristics of the Virgo are particularly highlighted in the combination of Virgo sun with Virgo rising. Character traits such as tidiness, rationality and the ability to be in depth are doubled in a Virgo sun with Virgo ascendant thus dominating their behavior inevitably. All qualities of Virgo sun with Virgo ascendant are innately enhanced – either the positive or the negative ones. Every now an then they can be too conscientious or sensible which leads them to being regarded as humorless people. Then again, they are particularly diligent and amazingly reliable. It is their incredible sense of duty that puts a damper on their ability to enjoy life for they live according to the key phrase: 'I do what has to be done'. Closely related to this is their sophisticated sense of parsimony. Being afraid of failure puts additional stress on them as well constitutionally as mentally because they live in fear of an uncertain future.

Unflaggingly industrious and exemplary duteoussness

The practical things in life are what counts for the Virgo sun with Virgo ascendant. Concentrating on useful and valuable topics this sign never chases dreams beyond reach. Regardless of their gender, Virgos with Virgo rising are really kindhearted although they may sometimes seem to be a bit cold-blooded and reserved. This zodiac sign stands for appreciation of and support for others and would be a helpful friend as well as an excellent advice-giver. What their environment thinks of them really matters, regardless of their pragmatic characters. A certain restlessness defines this astrological combination. Double Virgos are therefore quite active persons trying continuously to pacify their inner doubting. Due to their common sense they show not only their critical intellect but also know how to work methodically and push themselves to perfection. Unfortunately people with sun in Virgo, Virgo rising tend to hide their emotions and their typical warmth. Thus, creating a loyal partnership inevitably goes along with conflicts. Praise and gratitude help to win this sign over as motivation is the keyword for this sign's heart. This, though, calls for patience and empathy.