Virgo Sun Taurus Rising | Virgo Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

There are few attributes that characterize the Virgo sun with Taurus ascendant as correctly as pragmatism, realism and safety. People who are born in this constellation are strong characters who tenaciously pursue their goals. Insurmountable obstacles do not discourage the Virgo born people with Taurus ascendant. In a relationship these people are very loyal and reliable but without being too passionate about their mate. Every change is observed critically because the tried and tested ways are still the ultimate option. They are the first to lend a hand and to put words into action when tasks are to be done. Thus, willingness and energy can be really seen are this sign's strength. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Pronounced realism and the longing for safety

When the Virgo sun is combined with Taurus ascendant both men and women become more reliable and stable characters, formed by Virgo's pragmatism and the safety awareness as well as the hedonism of the Taurus rising. Both the sun as well as the rising are strongly connected to the earth element in the Virgo sun with Taurus ascendant, characterizing this relationship as a happy one without inner conflicts where both parts, sun and rising, are balanced. The factually and practically-oriented Virgo sun gets in contact with Taurus' sensuality that adds more ease of living life in the full. Virgo's conscientiousness really enhances the perseverance of the Taurus sign, thus, if used properly, becoming extremely successful on the job. So, for this constellation, securing the future and prosperity are central issues. Furthermore, having a reliable and loyal mate will be equally fundamental for these people. It is hard to persuade a Virgo sun with Taurus man or woman to accept changes or innovations for they hardly open up to changes in issues that have been tried and tested by them before. This is why individuals born in this astrological constellation behave very cautious and reserved and it may happen that they even express violent criticism to prevent any variations.

Treats are not missed out

One of the most typical character traits of the Virgo sun is their extremely pronounced pragmatic behavior. In combination with the Taurus rising,however, this trait will become relaxed, as both men and women put greater emphasis on life’s pleasures. It has to be mentioned, though, that pleasure will be outlived not exactly undisturbed in the lives of Virgo people with Taurus ascendant, as this sign will always take a look at the cost of this pleasure and what they get in exchange. In a relationship Virgo individuals with Taurus ascendant prove to be loyal and true mates easy to rely on, although grand passionate feeling are not exactly on the agenda. Changes or alterations of the known ways are met exercised restrainedly. Virgo people with Taurus rising are much more into the tried and tested methods, willingly living without changes and alterations. In contrast, these people are highly reliable and will readily muck in if there are tasks to be done on the agenda. Perseverance is thus the keyword as the Virgo man or woman with Taurus ascendant does not shy away when unobtrusive obstacles seem ahead.