Virgo Sun Leo Rising | Virgo Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

Everything is arranged according to a schedule in the lives of Virgo individuals with Leo ascendant for they do not leave anything to chance and organize things very well. Virgos with Leo ascendant are great to work with as long as they receive the necessary appreciation by their superiors. If this acknowledgment fails to appeal they will express their displeasure in an unmistakeable way. It is part of Virgo sun with Leo ascendants charm to hesitate before acting for they are dominated on the one hand by Leos typical will to be in the limelight as well as by Virgos urge to withdraw on the other hand. It is exactly that insecurity that unsettles their environment from time to time. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Acting undecidedly

In the combination of a Virgo sun with Leo ascendant two fundamentally contrasting character traits collide first and then mix and form an interesting combination. Virgos attention to detail meets with Leos grand thinking in this constellation of zodiacs. Those who are born as Virgo sun with Leo rising are very tolerant people and radiate great emotional warmth which nevertheless can be easily reversed as soon as they feel not sufficiently assessed. Practicality is the keyword for the personality of a Virgo sun with Leo ascendant. Once the strong will of the Leo part and the keen mind of the Virgo sun are made available together these people will perform their tasks with amazing creativity and self-confidence as well as with great structure and carefulness. In terms of negative side-effects, people born in this special constellation will be inclined to act indecisively and ambivalently as they swing from the will to dominate and the strive for personal glamor to reservedness and accuracy like a pendulum. This behavior can be observed in both men and women.

A loyal and essential employee

Basically the Virgo sun with Leo ascendant is known to be a loyal employee who will quickly be essential part in a company as long as their talents are honored and praised. In case they are confronted with open criticism or even rejected, these people will respond in kind and take revenge for their wounded pride. Virgos with Leo ascendant are great organizers, skills that others could learn the tricks from. The Virgo sun with Leo ascendant people are exceptionally methodical and work according to precise planning. They require a really high performance, and to fulfill their own demands peace and breaks are essential. On the outside a Virgo sun with Leo ascendant gives the impression of being generous even though they can be pretty miserly inside and utmost critical as well. Thus, Virgos man or woman real inclination to pettiness is perfectly masked by Leos generous personality. Regardless of the gender these people will be loyal and charismatic friends or partners once their environment has learned how to handle them hence they will love them for what they are on the inside.