Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising | Virgo Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

A strong duality is the keyword for people who are born as Virgo sun with Scorpio ascendant. Passion is paired with a talent for analyzing which can put severe disturbance to the Virgo sun with Scorpio ascendant. Professional success is often more important for these people who are born as Virgo sun with Scorpio ascendant than their relationships or family life. It may become thus sometimes a bit exhausting and annoying for their environment that people born in this constellation of zodiacs always have to question everything. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Great ambition

The diligent and often a bit fussy Virgo man or woman receives the right amount of passion and will-power through Scorpios influence in the combination of the Virgo sun with Scorpio ascendant. Sometimes, however, Virgo people fail to use this input in a profitable way, regardless of the gender. Then, the combined skills prove to have negative impact on the people who are born in this sign. Comparable to a pendulum, swinging to either one or the other side, the combination of the Virgo with Scorpio risings character may swing as well. Therefore, it will be definitely possible that Virgo people with Scorpio rising are even more enthusiastic about something than usual, and that is saying something. Their doubled amount of ambition provided by both zodiacs pushes the Virgo sun with Scorpio rising to do their job to the best of their ability. The flip side of the coin will be that these people often experience a loss of their critical view on the important things in life.

Profession is most important

For people born as Virgo sun with Scorpio ascendant life is full of oppositions. The critical Virgo who has a preference for everything that’s logical and rationality-based meets a thoroughly passionate and profound Scorpio who will not stop until everything is investigated to detail. This astrological mix has a lot of advantages and may thus work out successful, but can nevertheless prove to be destructive now and then. The passion of the Scorpio zodiac throws all into the melange with the detailed and sometimes even too rational Virgo. This will be an improvement in Virgos life, leaving this sign more relaxed. On the other hand, Virgos tendency to criticize is further enhanced by the influence of the Scorpio man or woman tendency to investigate to the detail. For their environment this may prove to be really annoying which is why Virgos would do better control themselves a little. Furthermore, the passion that comes along with the Scorpio ascendant gives Virgo people amazing operating efficiency. Virgo individuals therefore would push themselves to perfection, giving their careers and the achievement of their personal aims priority over other significant parts of human life like relationships and family. This serves to go passionate about all the tasks ahead. Those who suffer most from this behavior are Virgos family and their beloved. If criticized with regard to this trait, Virgos may deny their feeling even more and sacrifice their partner and their family to their careers.