Virgo Sun Sagittarius Rising | Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

New things are what people born as Virgos with Sagittarius ascendant are looking for constantly. The Virgo sun, who is by nature quite reserved, opens up and reappears out of their hiding place due to the influence of the Sagittarius rising. Virgos with Sagittarius rising live their curiosity openly but at the same time place high demands on themselves and others. As utterly honest people, Virgo man or woman with Sagittarius rising can be seen as faithful persons, regardless of their gender. It would suit them, however, to cut back the high expectations as well as the pronounced sense of duty in order to enjoy the bright side of life. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Perfect amendments

There is no point in denying that Virgos with Sagittarius rising place high demands on themselves, not sparing those who are around them. Quite often the Virgo sun, Sagittarius rising use their newly acquired knowledge to hide and protect their blind side. Precisely because they know exactly where the weak points are the Virgos with Sagittarius rising tread very careful in their comments to others. Harsh criticism towards others will therefore be completely alien to this zodiac. Although their temper may be very different, the Virgo sun and the Sagittarius rising complement each other in an ideal way. For the Virgo calmness and honesty as well as duteousness come in, forming a person who prefers hiding behind old books and enhancing their knowledge whereas the Sagittarius present themselves as a dynamic, open minded and very active person. The Sagittarius share Virgos hunger for knowledge but would prefer broadening their horizon by experiencing the world actively. In combination this skills lead the Virgo sun with Sagittarius rising to look always for new things and sometimes feel restless.

Hunger for knowledge

A tireless pursuit of more and more knowledge characterizes the Virgo man or woman and due to Sagittarius thirst for broadening their horizon actively characters are formed in this astrological combination who are extraordinary cosmopolitan people. There is great danger, however, that exactly this combination of a Virgo sun and a Sagittarius rising creates restless individuals who are continuously out to find new intellectual challenges. Usually, Virgos with Sagittarius ascendant can be seen as open-minded with wide interests in Virgos characteristic hunger for knowledge broadened by the Sagittarius ascendant, who focuses on broadening their horizon by gaining more life experience. Nevertheless, this pursuit can easily form utterly restless individuals out of the diligent Virgos. It is thus important for these Virgos to set their goals at a suitable level. Otherwise they risk spending out because Virgos are said to never give up and work until they have reached their goals. It is with this method that the Virgo meets the needs of their own expectations.