Virgo Sun Pisces Rising | Virgo Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

People with sun in Virgo, Pisces ascendant use to be tidy and most dutiful individuals. They love to plan life according to regulations thus supervising their inclination to become chaotic which is typical for the Pisces-sun influence. Every day has to be planned down to the last detail because even the tiniest imponderability can blow this sign off course. Yet, Virgo people with Pisces man or woman should therefore concentrate on keeping things in perspective, which means they should be more tolerant towards those who are less organized. This would not only help them to achieve a certain peacefulness but certainly benefit their personal environment. But learn more about their characteristics now.

More composure and understanding on the agenda

Conscientiousness and routine are highly important for Virgo individuals with Pisces ascendant, resulting into a rather tight schedule. A Virgo with Pisces ascendant abhors chaotic and unpunctual individuals since this profoundly shakes their otherwise perfectly structured day.
People born in this combination really hate things that are thrown out of joint. In the life of the Virgo with Pisces rising there seems to be a time and a place for everything. This sign reacts with complete incomprehension if they are confronted with people who appreciate a certain degree of creative chaos.
Therefore, the Virgo with Pisces ascendant should really try to be more understanding and relaxed toward fellow people thus helping themselves.

Oscillating between emotion and reality

In a Virgo sun with Pisces ascendant analytical capacity and realism strongly collide with the vigorous emotionalism of this sign, thus producing an amazingly responsive faculty in them. Their talent to analyze their emotions not rarely gives an edge. People born under this astrological constellation constantly swing between realism and sensuality which gives them the hardship of an ongoing struggle between Virgos sense of duty and Pisces tendency to escape into never-never-land.
People with sun in Virgo, Pisces ascendant show nevertheless good mental performances although they will need more breaks than a Virgo usually does. Leading a focused and ambitious existence, they are out to dealing with important matters.
These signs inner disharmony goes back to the need for more realism on the one hand and their longing for devotion on the other hand, which sometimes can appear inconsistent and whimsical thus complicating not only matters of love but also their relationships.
Partners of this astrological constellation would often be confronted with seemingly oppositional emotions because the Virgo man or woman with Pisces ascendants inner disharmony even affects their sexual life. This can be rather confusing for a partner who may never know if devotion or rejection might be appropriate. Therefore, Virgo individuals with Pisces rising definitely need partners who are able to grasp their inner conflicts and respond to them. These contradicting signals really need to be interpreted correctly. Furthermore, when they chose a partner, Virgo people with Pisces ascendant are very fastidious which often makes a fulfilling relationship impossible.