Virgo Sun Libra Rising | Virgo Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

In general, people who are born as Virgos with Libra rising are very friendly and nice. A lot of emphasis is attached on their looks and they strive for perfection whatever task they are at. Virgos with Libra ascendant are open-minded to others but will keep aloof in the beginning. By far no daredevils, Virgo people with Libra ascendant will quickly reveal their virtues once their environment gets to know them better. These people have great intuitions on the one hand as well as a certain sophistication on the other hand, thus they are naturally out to surprise their environment. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Considering practical measures

People who are born as Virgo sun with Libra rising can be considered friendly and amiable. Their looks matter a lot and they are sophisticated and level-headed. Ideally, everything should develop in tried and tested ways and they attach great emphasis on preventing things getting out of hand. Strangers are met with an open mind but also with a certain distance and some skepticism as well. Thus, Virgo sun with Libra ascendant will never be daring for their cautious attitude, and in many situations they are by far too reserved. Virgo people with Libra rising, regardless of their gender, should nevertheless be underestimated, because they can really be sophisticated and display great empathy which will reveal itself once their environment get to know them closer. When they go on the pull, Virgos with Libra ascendant are driven more by practical than by emotional reasons, as they can not make any sense out of romantic reveries and they are simply not the type of person to fall in love and lose their connection to reality. This is why the Virgo sun with Libra man or woman approaches relationships with the same caution as in other spheres of life. Once the Virgo sun with Libra ascendant has fallen deeply in love, they are nevertheless well equipped to keep the fire going.

Socially open-minded

Virgo people are known to have excellent analytical skills and a sense of tidiness as well. The Libra rising adds the social skills to this astrological combination. Thus, these people with sun in Virgo, Libra rising become more accessible to their environment and will open more easily by overcoming their shyness and natural reservedness. Concededly, the balancing tendency of the Libra rising sometimes gets in conflict with the perfection-seeking Virgo sun, thus Virgos with Libra ascendant usually experience problems to come out of their shells. Surprisingly, the Virgo sun with Libra ascendant is quite good in making new social contacts and thanks to their good manners and general education they are sophisticated in many areas, thus being an interesting intelligent conversationalists. These man or woman are driven by their balancing character to worry constantly about harmony in life. Innovations are approached open-minded after some short period of reservedness, due to the influence of the Libra rising. Daredevils are nonetheless found among the Virgo born with Libra ascendant and they are not the people to take great risks anyway, but the Libra rising definitely adds the necessary open-mind to the Virgo sun which ensures that these people are open for possible mates.