Virgo Sun Aries Rising | Virgo Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

Two completely different characters collide in the astrological combination of the Virgo sun with an Aries ascendant. Although the influence that the Aries rising has on the Virgo sun can be seen as positive, there are surely some severe negative aspects as well. The Aries rising provides more temper for the Virgo sun and helps making decisions not only with their minds but also to try gut decisions sometimes. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to stop the Virgo sun completely from being analytical, although thanks to the influence of the Aries ascendant the Virgo will be more willing and prepared to take risks and even more open towards matters of love. Virgo people should nevertheless be careful because too much love of adventure in a Virgo sun with Aries ascendant can lead to overplaying their hand and therefore remain left alone behind. But learn more about their characteristics now.

More temper benefits

The influence of the Aries ascendant on the Virgo sun is in general very positive. It seems to be the function of the Aries rising in this combination to breathe some more temper into the Virgo sun and thus encourage the Virgo man or woman to act more spontaneously. Regardless of the gender, the intellectual Virgo sun benefits greatly from this gain in spontaneity as this helps them a lot in everyday life. Especially when it comes to making decisions, Aries' positive influence activates the Virgo sun to act according to their gut feeling. After a while, however, Virgo individual with Aries ascendant become aware that their usual conservative analysis has to be not always the best way to reach their goals, whereas intuitively taken decisions are often the best. This can be traced back to the fact that life remains often incalculable. Due to the enthusiastic influence of the fire element on the astrological combination, the Virgo sun with Aries ascendant feels this special joie de vivre and thus a certain light-heartedness and risk taking mentality is created. Furthermore, they open to the temptations of life and love in particular. Virgo people will nevertheless keep some of their essential characteristics which is why even in the combination of the Virgo sun with Aries ascendant some aspects of analytical thinking and a special caution are still preserved.

Finding the balance

Virgo people with Aries ascendant have to find the right balance between strategy and spontaneity in their lives. Only if they manage to do that, they will benefit greatly from the positive characteristics of both zodiac signs who are really different in nature but bring a lot of joy as well. A further difficulty arises when the Virgo man or woman with Aries ascendant rigorously tries to put their will through, behaving in a rather inconsiderate way, which is why many people will think them cold and reserved. This is why, especially in their private life, they should be more cautious in order to avoid severe problems or even losing friends, family and their partner. This would leave them completely alone. The Virgo sun with Aries ascendant is rather ruthless and therefore destined to climb the career ladder quickly but equally risks leading a private life as a lonely and bitter person.