Virgo Sun Cancer Rising | Virgo Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Virgo Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

As people who are born as Virgo with Cancer rising are very pragmatic persons they benefit from their pronounced sense of reality. The zodiac of the Virgo sun is said to be factual in nature but the influence of the Cancer rising adds the right and necessary amount of sensitivity to their personality. As they are very hardworking people Virgos with Cancer ascendant show the will to work and great discipline in the process, but additionally, they expect their environment to be equally motivated. This situation may lead to irritations and troubles in their human relations, which could become easier if these peoples expectations were less strict. But learn more about their characteristics now.

A lot of diligence and promptness

Pragmatism and emotionality are coupled in people born as Virgo with Cancer ascendant since this is an unbeatable astrological mix which will get them far in life. Virgos alert mind is perfectly added to Cancers good memory and concerning the matter of literacy, nobody can fool people born as Virgo individuals with Cancer ascendant as they are almost experts in nearly every field. Furthermore, Virgos man or woman with Cancer rising have a pronounced perception and know how to evaluate many different areas in life precisely. They rely strongly on their intellect, but every once in a while listen to their heart when decisions have to be taken. Virgos may be objective by nature but coupled with the influence of their risings sensitive self the Cancer they become more relaxed, softening their outlines. It is incredibly important for Virgo people with Cancer ascendant to give their best again and again. No matter what task they are at they do it with diligence and promptness and expect their team to adjust and be equally productive. Some may feel overwhelmed by that, thus arguments and difficulties can dull their human relations.

Household has to be perfect

The combination of the Virgo sun with Cancer ascendant interlinks mind and soul thus creating a combined force that will be openly giving and thus surrounds people born in this zodiac sign a certain intellectual aura which will be really favorable. Regardless of their gender, Virgos with Cancer ascendant have the skill of evaluating everything objectively and matter-of-factly and furthermore try to avoid to be prejudiced in their judgments. Virgos with Cancer rising are always going to be busy and they love to do the job to the absolute best of their knowledge. Nevertheless, even these well-organized individuals may encounter discrepancies between their strong feelings and the equally vigorous energy and discipline they use to approach a task. As regards their performance of duties people born as Virgo with Cancer rising never let down their defenses but would always stand their ground. Difficulties arise if their work is criticized or they are faced with further frustrations. Then a gloomy mood will be on the agenda, an apathy not easy to get over. At home the Virgo with Cancer ascendant sets great store by preparing meals and keeping order. Anything less than perfect will not be tolerated or endured in their private houses.