Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising | Leo Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Self-confidence, tolerance and cosmopolitanism are traits that characterize the people born as Leo sun with Sagittarius rising. It is part of a Leo sun with Sagittarius risings personality that these people are basically nosy and open-minded for all that is new, regardless of their gender. Their distinctive mark is their love for honesty and the fact that they always stand ready to fight for others' rights. With such concentrated self-assurance delivered from both zodiacs the Leo and the Sagittarius sometimes the Leos with Sagittarius ascendant are apt to behave in an arrogant way or furthermore they are a little too sure, thus annoying his environment now and then. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Blessed by tolerance

Anything that differs somehow is what Leos with Sagittarius rising are very interested in. This is because all these things as many-sided as Leos with Sagittarius rising are themselves. In a nutshell, Leos with Sagittarius rising is simply aroused every time they encounter something new and exciting. It is exactly this open-mindedness towards everything new which seems to be an inherent part of the Leos with Sagittarius rising and their tolerant opinion. If this zodiac comes across something that is unknown and new to them, they instantly would like to become acquainted with this and therefore they open up without any hesitation. Another flagship is their willingness to campaign for the concerns of others. As a double fire sign Leo sun with Sagittarius rising are uninhibited by obstacles that may arise but are unswerving on their chosen path until they achieved what they wanted to.

Prone to be arrogant

Due to the influence of the Sagittarius rising the Leo sun with Sagittarius rising have wide interests. Thus, this astrological union benefits in an ideal way from Leos candor and Sagittarius unbiased philosophy of life. In fact, this sign is interested in everything new and wants to learn all about unknown and exotic things. In a word, all the things that do not comply with the standard are of interest to these people. This leads to Leos with Sagittarius rising who are blessed with an open mentality and constantly try to broaden their horizon by not subduing their thoughts to no restrictions whatsoever. Therefore, they are typical fire signs whose will-power controls their thinking. They are always prepared to stand in for the human rights, thus honesty ranks first in their system of values. It has to be mentioned that there are some black sheep among these individuals who pretend to have all these good qualities but deep inside they are arrogant and dishonest. People who are born as Leos with Sagittarius man or woman are self-conscious by nature and put their trust in the smooths running of the events. They retain multiple contacts in all directions and easily make constantly new friends as well. It is part of their personality that they take center stage in discussions but without exaggerating in the presentation of their self-consciousness. The big interconnectedness of life is what they are interested in, therefore they are likely to be inclined to the law or philosophy as well as religion. Positive thinking Leos with Sagittarius rising spread the contagious joy of life and motivate others through their personality. As they are basically optimistic people, they are inevitably mirrored by their environment. However, this double fire sign has to keep in mind that they don't overheat their motors.