Leo Sun Capricorn Rising | Leo Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Capricorn: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant are really assertive individuals who demand a great deal from themselves. Leos with Capricorn ascendant perceive life as a possibility to see and achieve a great deal. This sign sets out for the leadership position as well as to be of importance in society. Once committed to a task this sign will go all-out and work like a horse. Setbacks are really hard to take for the Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant and they will take their time to get used to this drawback. As soon as they will be recovered, they will come back full force. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Out to achieve great things

People who are born as Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant will always work hard on themselves. Many things are put aside in order to achieve all the things the Leo aimed at, like a leadership position on the job and a high social status. Regardless of the gender, Leos with Capricorn ascendant win through their determination and the strong measures they take to solve the problem. Every now and then things are not developing according to how the Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant has planned them. This leaves the Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant really taken aback. Others often describe this sign as ego-centered and always ready to bare his/her claws. This, however, only happens in case Leos with Capricorn ascendant get the feeling that time has come to defend the hard-won position. People who are born in this constellation are ready to perform outstanding tasks, thus they will naturally receive great praise.

Baring the claws if need be

Those who are born in the constellation of Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant act like the Leo sign uses to act but spiced with Capricorns determination which can be problematic sometimes. Especially in their family life conflicts may be on the agenda due to Leos extreme self-assertiveness combined with Capricorns enormous power. Their family life suffers from this dominant behavior. But on the other hand people who are born as Leos man or woman with Capricorn ascendant work hardest on themselves to maintain the outstanding positions they have achieved, thus subordinating equally important things. Determination and consequence are the key words to the life of a Leo sun with Capricorn ascendant. Setbacks are really hard for the Leo sun with Capricorn rising for these people are not used to things not developing according to their plans. Quite often Leos with Capricorns rising tend to act very self-centered if they feel like defending their achieved positions and they will surely bare their claws in such cases. Leos with Capricorn ascendant are found in leading positions surely for they are out to achieve amazing things. It is therefore, that this sign is generally accepted and hold in high regard by others, but without being really popular. In general, Leo people are really amiable persons, but due to the influence of the Capricorns ascendant a certain coldness will be part of their characters which makes these people believe that great achievements are only made through a certain rigor.